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[Caricature, Rollout or Peripheral Portrait]

Part of Little Faces Traveling Exhibit

The photograph above is one of the latest examples from a "body of work" that started in the mid-1960s using film cameras. This is a peripheral, or "roll-out", portrait made at a local fair with an improvised scanning digital camera made from a simple Kye hand-scanner. The linear array imaging element was removed from the scanner and installed in the back of an old Minolta SRT101. A cable was constructed to reestablish the connection between the array and the scanner itself. Since the scanner body was not required to actually move over a subject, the motion of the roller driven chopper wheel that informs the scanner software how fast its is moving over copy, was replaced with an LED driven by a variable frequency oscillator. Its frequency was adjusted to give the desired aspect ratio to the final image of a subject rotating in front of the camera while standing on a turntable.

There is an article about this at: text-better-scanner-cam.html

I have a collection of about 40 small (about 5x7 inch (125x175 mm) inkjet prints of this on-going portrait photography project. If you would like to host and hold an exhibit of them at your location I would be happy to place you on the exhibition's itinerary.

There is no charge other than the expense of forwarding the photographs to the next location. The exhibit fits in an oversized manila business envelope! The prints are not framed and can be exhibited in any low or high tech manner desired. Exhibition venues are up to you. From classroom to gallery!. They need not be insured and if any are damaged or lost you will not be held responsible. The exhibit comes with full technical description and author information. Get this material HERE The prints do not need to be exhibited in whole. You can see a sampling of the images that comprise this traveling exhibition by clicking on


This is designed to be a "low-stress" project aimed at sharing images and ideas!.

The exhibition is slated for exhibition as follows:

July 2001 - Lancaster, CA - host: Marilyn Dalrymple - push for story.

August 2001 - Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico - host: Alberto Tirado - push for story.

October/November 2001 - Lima, Peru - host: Luis Miyashiro - push for story.

November 2001 - University of Chicago - host: Liese Ricketts - push for story.

January 2002 - Clemson University, Clemson, SC - host: Sam Wang - push for story.

February 2002 - Cardinal Gibbons High School in Raleigh, NC - host: Martha Walton - push for story.

March 2002 - Stephen F. Austin State University - Nacogdoches, TX, host: Amy Holmes George - push for story.

March 2002 - The Pan American Christian Academy, Sao Paulo, Brazil - host: Mario DeMarchi - push for story.

April - May 2002 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - host: Becquer Casaballe - push for story.

April - May 2002 - Panama - host: Carlos Guardia - push for story.

November 2002 - Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta - host: Prof. Belinda Peters - push for story.

December 2002 - MIT Media Lab - host: Sam Hill - push for story.

January 2003 - Greenfield High School, Wisconsin - host: Judy Grochowski - push for story.

February 2004 - RIT's Wallace Memorial Library Push the green buttons for a view of the exhibit     .

September 2007 - Conference on Digital Art, a meeting of the Society for Imaging Science and Technology held in Anchorage, Alaska, Sept 16-21, 2007

November - December 2007 - Universidad del Pacifico in Lima, Peru from November 25 - December 15, 2007 host is: Yoshi Miyashiro - push for story although the following video report from TV Peru gives an ised of the venue and story

The photographs continue to be available to any interested party but the truth is that I have not promoted their availability in recent years as much as I did in the beginning!

2008 is available

Later ....

If you would like to host an exhibition of these photographs, pick an open month and please send me e-mail at:

Thank you,
Andrew Davidhazy
School of Photographic Arts and Sciences - RIT