Little Faces exhibition makes its first stop
away from RIT in Lancaster, California

under watchful eye of Marilyn Dalrymple

from July 14 through July 29, 2001

The story in a nutshell of the Marilyn Dalrymple "saga" with the Little Faces
prints. Once upon a time ....
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Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2001 04:09:26 -0700
From: marilyn 

Hi Andy,

I think your images are fascinating.  If I had them exhibited in the local
studio where I work and got the local newspaper to do an article about the
exhibit, could any of the images be reproduced for the newspaper article?

Marilyn Dalrymple

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Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2001 07:17:26 -0400 (EDT)
From: ADavidhazy 

Hi Marilyn,

Nice of you to think about this possibility! I don't think there should be any 
difficulty in reproducing any of the photographs ... although I do not have
model releases. I think if the context is that these are examples of my
creative work and there is no malicious text to go along with them I am quite
sure that that is OK.

The individual photographs are not that big you should know. They are printed
on an Epson Stylus Photo ... not the latest generation printer. But they have a
certain low-tech quality to them that is, in my mind, acceptable.

I like to think about the whole thing as a "visual experiment" and do not take
me or the images too seriously ... but they are, I hope, mind "expanding"? Let
me know what develops!


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Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2001 04:48:34 -0700
From: marilyn 

Hi Andy,

I'm excited about the prospect of having your work shown in the my area..  I
know most of the people at the local paper (I used to work there) and I'm
sure everything will be done tastefully and correctly.  I'll talk to the
store owner today (where the studio is located) and get her okay for the
exhibit.  I'll keep in touch.

Take care,


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Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2001 19:14:53 -0700
From: marilyn 

> Hi Marilyn,
> Nice of you to think about this possibility!

Hi Andy.  This is more than a possibility.  Joy Colovin (the store's owner)
can't wait to see and exhibit your work.  She used to work at the local
newspaper for many years, so I'm sure we can get press coverage on this
(she's a marketing whiz).

Please put us on your list of exhibitors and let me know about when I can
expect it.

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Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2001 10:37:41 -0700
From: marilyn 

Hi Andy,

Joy and I decided the best way to show your photographs, while protecting
them, would be to put them in plastic protective pages and then in a binder.
May we enlarge one to place on the cover of the binder, please?


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Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2001 11:06:51 -0700
From: marilyn 

> > Joy and I decided the best way to show your photographs, while
> > them, would be to put them in plastic protective pages and then in a
> > May we enlarge one to place on the cover of the binder, please?
--------------------------------------------------------- This is no problem
at all ... if you know the one you want I could probably
> give you a bigger file than whatever is available on the web.
I haven't seen the collection in total.  Do you have a favorite you would
like displayed on the front?  If not Joy and I could make a selection and
then just have Kinko's make an enlargement of one to an 8 X 10 (we could
pass it along with your prints in case someone else wanted to use it for the
same reason) if that's all right with you.
I could probably get the set to you in two weeks. They are currently on
> here.
That would be great.  That will give us time to get a press release
After you are done with them you could forward to Mexico where Alberto
> Tirado will be exhibiting them also.
We would be more than happy to do this.  We are very appreciative of your
generosity and can't wait to have our "exhibition."
> Where should I send the exhibit to?
I would feel more comfortable having them sent to my home--the store is
bulging at the seams with papers and products--I don't want to take a chance
of them being misplaced.

My address is:

Thank you.

Side note--One of my prints has been accepted into PPA's Exhibition 2001


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Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2001 11:10:58 -0700
From: marilyn 

May we use some of your bio that's on the internet (I haven't checked--is it
still there?  I'm sure it is) for our press release?  Is there anything
special concerning the work in the exhibition that you would like mentioned?

Our excitement is building!


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Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 06:31:59 -0700
From: marilyn 

Hello Andy,

Thank you for the welcome home.  I had a wonderful time at the workshop and
learned a lot.

I meant to tell you in my message last night. . .the peripheral photographs
are beautiful and have a wonderful quality to them.  Thank you so much,
again, for being so trusting and generous.


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Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 05:55:57 -0700
From: marilyn 

Hello Andy,

I just wanted you to know the progress of "Little Faces."  Friday at 9:30
a.m. our local television station will be taping a segment about the
photographs.  I'll either get a copy from the station or tape the segment
when it runs and send you a copy.

Joy (the store's owner) and I are having an opening reception July 14 for
the exhibit and refreshments will be served.  We also have flyers in our
store and at the local photo stores.  Organizations who may be interested
will get announcements in the mail and the local newspapers have been

Your international traveling exhibition is big news here in the desert {:->
Thank you so much for allowing us this opportunity.


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Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 09:30:35 -0400 (EDT)
From: ADavidhazy 

Hi Marilyn,

Wow! you really know how to do things RRRRIGHT!

I just realized that text material I meant to send along
is sitting here in a plain envelope! It is simply copies
of the articles that one can already get off the web and
related to the construction of the camera ... I don't have
any commentary on the aesthetics other than I make these
photographs because the subjects ask for them and in general
feel that they can "always" get a _regular_ photo but not
often do they get a chance to get a unique image of themselves.
The fact they get to stand on a powered turntable and are
"on exhibition" so to speak is an added attraction!

So, in the process of making these I feel like I am pleasing
the visitors to the venue where I am invited to make a 
presentation, get a chance to share with various audiences a
unique process and way of making and looking at photographs.
All this is somehow vaguley related to my profession/avocation
here at RIT.

Anyway, I am much more comfy "talking tech" but I have a 
strong suspicion that there is more to these images than simply 
technical content. I would (hopefully) not have been making 
such photographs (first with film cameras and now digital) unless
I truly felt there was a worthwhile aesthetic component to them!

Thank you very much, again, for taking and interest and hosting
this project. Hopefully it gives visitors a moment to pause and
reflect on the meaning of photography, representation and fun.

Let me know if you need anything from me ... even at this late date!



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Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 07:22:30 -0700
From: marilyn 

Hi Andy,

You shouldn't be surprised about the popularity of your exhibit.  It's
unusual and wonderful!  It is you, though, to be humble and modest.  That is
what makes you so likeable (well--one of the things that makes you so

I'll make a copy of the letter you just sent (if I have to "talk to the
camera"--I'm trying to convince Joy she should do this--it's HER store
{:->--, I'll use some quotations from your letter).

I have made copies of all the material I've found about you, the project and
it's technology and have the copies on hand for the media.

If I think of anything I need, I'll let you know.  Thank you for all your
help and cooperation.


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Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2001 23:20:38 -0400 (EDT)
From: ADavidhazy 

Hi Marilyn,

WOW AGAIN! Thanks so much for the tape and the clipping! 
The bit where you hesitated during the interview was funny!!  :)

Have a great time with the show! ... hopefully the discussion there
was on the list about grotesque and caricatures and a different
view on life, etc. will help put a conversational spin on the
photographs. I know that some find them hard to deal with. Yet today
I heard there was a young lady who has a similar photo on exhibit
at the Whitney Museum (I wonder where she learned of the process!!!)

... so I hope it is not all that bad and unpalatable! 

thanks again to both of you!


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Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2001 10:02:13 -0700
From: marilyn 

I forgot if I said "you are welcome" for the tape and newspaper article."  If
not, you certainly are welcome.  We've been getting calls at the store asking
about you and the photographs.  I've got a binder made that holds as much as I
could find out about you, the camera and your photography that will be on
display with the photographs.

Thanks for everything.


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Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 11:02:30 -0400 (EDT)
From: ADavidhazy 

Hi Marilyn,

Did not want to place an undue burden on you to find out how things went or are
going with the traveling exhibit but I thought I would ask and also wanted to
give you the address to send them to next. 

The package can be mailed to

    Alberto Tirado O.
    85460 Meˇxico

You know him from PhotoForum ... 
his email is:

If you wanted to you could give him a heads-up once they are in the mail.

Since this is a mail shipment to Mexico it will probably need to have the
statement on the envelope that the contents are photographs for exhibition and
with no commercial value ... insurance is not needed beyond whatever minimum
the post office provides. I am thinking that putting insurance on it would
imply to the customs people that there IS some value on which then Alberto
might have to pay taxes on.

Thank you for all your efforts in my behalf. Let me know if I can be of
assistance of any kind.

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Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 11:02:44 -0700
From: Marilyn 

Hi Andy,

I've been meaning to contact you about the exhibit.  it is going very well.
Monday a young lady from Lancaster came in and told us she will be attending
RIT when school starts this fall.  She was very interested in you and the
exhibit.  She didn't leave her name, but I gave her your email address and
told her to let you know she saw your exhibit if she contacts you.

I attended a local portrait workshop last night and had the opportunity to
announce the exhibit to all who attended.  Many said they had been to see it
or were planning to go.

Those who wander in and are not aware of the exhibit always stay to look at
the photographs and ask questions.  It's been a tremendous hit!  (The
chocolate chip cookies at the reception went over well, too {:->)

I can't thank you enough for your generosity.  Lancaster has THREE
photography exhibits going on at the same time!  A first for our small
(120,000) desert hamlet.  The fact that three exhibits are going on at the
same time really has local photographers buzzing.

Thank you for everything.  I'll make sure the photographs get shipped safely
to their next destination.

Miles of Smiles,


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Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 19:48:39 -0700
From: Marilyn 

Hi Andy,

Just a note to let you know I took the exhibit "Little Faces" down today.  The
photographs will be in the mail and on their way tomorrow.

We had a great time and many interested viewers.  Thank you.


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Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 23:19:29 -0400 (EDT)
From: ADavidhazy 

Hi Marilyn,

Thanks oodles ... I spent the last 4 hours (simply because I am incompetenmt
with web page coding!!!) putting together a little chronicle of some of the
notes we exchanged in the process.

You can see it starting at:
(push the green buton next to your name!!)
or go directly to it at:

I will be hopefully "cleaning it up" but if this evening is anything to go by I
will not have much hair left by the time I do get to it!!

Again, thanks a million and I hope that it caused some to ponder ... :)

Today I got an email from a high school teacher ... out of the blue ... who
would like to have them to show at her school! made my day earlier ... and now 
you did it again!! how lucky can I get??

I will be visiting my daughter and grandson in SF towards the middle of the
month. Also my older son who lives in Cupertino and works in San Jose. ("big
shot" at an advertising company there ... earns 2x what his father does!!! ...
but that is OK I hear the cost of living there is at least 2x what it is in
little ol' Rochester!)   :)

well. good night, my eyes are strained and bloodshot from staring at the screen
all evening ... in fact ALL DAY!!!!


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Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 12:39:01 -0700
From: Alberto Tirado 
Subject: Got 'em!

Dear Marilyn and Andy,

I just got a phone call from home a minute ago - the Little Faces have
arrived!  However, I think I will have them ready until next monday (will
prepare them over the weekend) - sooner if I get some friends to help me.

If I have time (considering that others are awaiting) I can take them to
Hermosillo, the State's capital, where a lot more people can see them.

In any case, I'll keep you informed of the development of things here.

Best regards,

Alberto Tirado
Subgerente de Promoci—n y Desarrollo
Puerto de Guaymas


THANK YOU very much Marilyn and Joy!!!!