Little Faces exhibition makes a stop
in Chicago as guest of

Liese Ricketts

in October 2001

Liese Ricketts is with the University of Chicago Laboratory schools. 

From: Liese Ricketts Subject: travelling exhibit Date: 15-JUN-2001 21:50:59.64 I will be interested in showing this work to my Advanced Photo class in the Fall. We are dealing with issues of reformatted cameras and the passage of time within the image. How about some time in October or November? Liese --
From: Liese Ricketts Subject: Re: Little Faces prints on their way your way ... Sounds great. Looking forward to showing the work. Hope all is well with you.Regards, Liese >Hi Liese, >soon they should be sent your way from Alberto Tirado in Mexico. >In case you want to cntact him his email is: >I think he is sending the set via DHL. He may be contacting you >with details. Apparently the exhibit was set up in two different >locations in Mexico. When you are done with them the next stop >for these will be Sam Wang at Clemson University. >hope you are well, >Andy -- Thanks, Liese
From: Liese Ricketts Subject: Re: Address to send Little Faces to at Clemson U. Thanks, Andy. I remember Sam from SPE eons ago. Very nice guy. Talk later and thanks for the info. The prints are still in fine shape. Liese
Message FACES 6 15-NOV-2001 07:52:46.80 From: "Liese A. Ricketts" Subject: Re: Little Faces inquiry Date: 15-NOV-2001 07:52:46.80 Hi, Andy. The timing for viewing and discussing the work was perfect. On Friday I will be ready to send it to Sam. Thanks so much for the opportunity to open discussion about alternative work. Thanks, Liese


THANK YOU very much Liese!!