Little Faces exhibition makes a stop
at the Media Lab at MIT in Boston as guest of


in April and May 2003

One of my past students in the Imaging and Photographic Technology program at
RIT and now a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
said ... :


From: Sam Hill 
Subject: Long time
Date: 19-NOV-2002 21:42:55.31

Hey Andy,

How are you doing?  I hope well.  Thanks for keeping me updated with all the oth
er photo-tech grads.  I was formerly getting your emails sent to slhill@u.arizon but that has been deleted since I'm no longer there.  My new email address

I definitely got a very in depth mathematical/physical description of optics and
science at the U. of Arizona but you know what, it still comes down to Andy math 
where we round numbers and approximate.  On occasion we have to be exact.  Any
way, I've kind of taken a step back from the more industrial science feel to 
something more fun (I think) in the imaging world, mainly in concentration of 
three dimensional imaging and holography.

I'm working with Steve Benton's Spatial Imaging Group.  Both of you are rather 
high admirers of Doc Edgerton.  We have this full color full parallax reflection 
hologram of Doc Edgerton in our hallway.  Well, down at the UA I was working on 
fiber optic sensors, which have come in useful because we are going to try to 
implement the use of fiber optics for holography setups. Overall, the fiber optics 
would reduce several of the group's optical systems like our holographic printer 
and holo-video.  Eventually my task will be to help take holo-video from 
monochromatic to full color.

On the side, I also got involved with a group of other students within the Media
Lab to help create the new version of the Critter Cam for National Geographic. 
It's pretty cool what they already have but the systems are rather large to put
on the smaller animals such as penguins.  And they want to help take Critter 
Cam and put it on more terrestrial animals.

Anyway, not to waste your time with my stories but I really did want to get back
on your mailing list and also ask if I could host your traveling exhibition at 
the Media Lab.  I think people here would get a kick out of it.  Actually, some 
one else around here (probably many more too), knew of you and asked me to find 
out if you would be interested in being one of the guest presenters at a 
colloquium in the spring.  I'm just curious if you would be so that I could try 
to make the arrangements now and see if they would pay for anything like travel 
expenses.  I don't know what they provide specifically to the lecturers.  But I 
wanted to throw it out there.

I was just at a Boston chapter for RIT alumni and several people were looking for 
jobs in all fields.  Honestly, I'll keep an eye out for job postings that may 
seem useful for Photo-Tech grads or soon to be grads in the Boston area. I know I 
never was your most dependable student but if I can help out a fellow tech student 
I would be glad to do so.

Well Andy, take care, and this may be a bit early, Have a Happy Turkey Day.

Sam Hill


Hi Sam,

Glad to hear you have resurfaced ... and then at the Media Lab!!! Congrats!!
Thanks for all the news items about your life there and the possibilities for
interaction with the lab. Steve Benton probably does not remember but I took
groups of Techs to MIT to see Doc and the Media Lab several times in the
distant past. Maybe we will do it again!!

I would be delighted to present a talk of some kind to the group there although
fee a bit inadequate - but I'd be a willing "specimen" for dissection if the
opportunity developed. I don't need an honorarium or fee or anything. An invite
is good enough!!

As for the traveling show you mention:

"Anyway, not to waste your time with my stories but I really did want to get
back on your mailing list and also ask if I could host your traveling
exhibition at the Media Lab.  I think people here would get a kick out of it."
I presume it is my "LITTLE FACES" set of ink-jet prints - the "low tech"
approach to sharing images!!! If that is so I can get a set to you on farily
short order as a University in Texas just closed their exhibition of them and
are ready to send on to the next venue. If you want them just let me know where
they should be shipped! 

> Well Andy, take care, and this may be a bit early, Have a Happy Turkey Day.

Sam, I will place you on the list for sure again. Want to be on the "GRADS"
list or the "TECHS" list ... or both! Let me know.



From: ADavidhazy 
Subject: Re: Little Faces Exhibition is on the way from Rochester
To: Amy George 
Date: 20-NOV-2002 22:48:29.57

Hi Sam,

Great! I have just sent a note to the person currently having the images.
Her name is Prof. Amy George and she is at Sam Austin State University in Texas
I believe. Her email is:  Hopefully she will have the
collection on its way to you shortly.

I would be happy to visit and give a presentation there - but you have already
heard it!!!

I will have you on both lists shortly. I have cut back significantly on my use
of the Techs list - not sure why ... I kind of have a feeling that I am
inconveniencing people ... I think I need my head examined!!



From: Amy George 
Subject: Re: Little Faces Exhibition
To: ADavidhazy 
Date: 25-NOV-2002 16:51:50.68

Dear Andrew,

Thought you would like to know that I shipped the prints to the next site

Thanks again,


missing some mail exchanges ...


From: Sam Hill 
Subject: Re: faces
Date: 13-MAY-2003 08:35:47.35

Hi Andy,

That is true, the images have been put up in three locations and people were 
quite interested in your photos and who you are. I told them to visit your
website, hopefully they did. I haven't really tried but I should see
if I could get them up at some other locations on campus. However, if you 
want the images back or sent on, Please let me know but thank you for
letting me hold onto them for such a long time.

Well, Andy, I hope you're doing well and I quess summer is upon us soon so ha
ve a great summer. Oh - was that Sara Johnson with black hair and was working 
in NYC or was it the other S. Johnson. Just curious.
Take Care,


From: ADavidhazy 
Subject: Little Faces
To: Sam Hill 
Date: 13-MAY-2003 09:15:24.73

Hi Sam,

Nah ... 

As for the prints - wow! that is great news! Hold on to them till it seems that
their usefulness/interest has passed and then we'll send on to another venue if
I can find one!

Maybe someday I will be able to visit Boston for real instead of just in my

Hope you are otherwise well and prospering and keep me posted on developments
whenever you can!



From: ADavidhazy 
Subject: Sara Johnson - note from Andy
Date: 18-MAY-2003 15:04:24.58

Hi Sam,

Not sure I told you but GREAT NEWS about you having shown the little portraits
in several places! Do you have a rough recollection of where and when? I guess
simply knowing "several locations around the  MIT Campus including the Media
Lab over the Sring Semester of 2003" is quite adequate!!! But if you have
details or a photo of a "venue" that would be great to get!

BTW, yes, that was Sara Johnson who worked in NYC on some scheme to produce a 3D
video system - she showed me some promo literature and it looked quite good.
Anyway, Sara is now in process of moving up here to Kodak.

Jason sent me some strip image files made with a video camera and software of
his own writing but the files were so large he crashed my mailbox!! Hope you
are well youself otherwise!




... hopefully there will be more to come if Sam can get us some photographs of
an exhibit "on location"!
But just in case ...



Thanks a million, Sam!