20 square per inch Graph Paper for Photographic Applications

Andrew Davidhazy
Imaging and Photographic Technology Department
School of Photographic Arts and Sciences
Rochester Institute of Technology

Click on the image below to view the image file of this photographically very useful graph set-up for standardized graphing of film and paper characteristic curves on 20 squares per inch formatted graphs. The image file is set up as a JPEG 7x9 inch file at 150 DPI so the resolution should be quite adequate when printed. Once you see that file you can simply print it then or drag it to your desktop for later use.

Usually the paper is used horizontally to get the widest Exposure range possible but can, of course, also be used vertically. Remember that the convention is to plot at .4 log H (Exposure) or Density units per inch. Log H values are listed along the horizontal, or input, axis and Density along the vertical, or output, axis.

OK ... so then somebody asked me for a 10 square per centimeter paper ... so I toiled away at this and have this available for anyone that is interested. So as not to have trouble with spurious scaling problems introduced by some printers automatically I have also made both of these available as Word documents. Hopefully one of the two versions will work properly for you.

You can try the HTML, plain JPEG, version or you can retrieve a Word document page with the graphpaper already inserted into it. If you get the JPEG version I suggest you open a word processing program and insert the file as a picture into the page and this should keep the proper scaling. If you just print the JPEG file directly there may be scaling problems and I suggest you try the Word document version. Maybe I should just eliminate the plain version. I am now mumbling ... good luck!

To retrieve the Word document version of the 20 squares per inch graph click on this link:

20 square per inch Graph Paper

and to get the centimeter one click here:

Centimeter Graph Paper

I guess I could have mde PDF files too to ensure there would be no scaling problems at the printing stage.

If you have found this useful you can let me know by contacting me at RIT, 70 Lomb Memorial Dr., Rochester, NY 14623. Phone 585-475-2592, fax 585-475-5804 ... but the fastest way is to just send me e-mail at andpph@rit.edu