My experiences modifying the lens mount on a Canon FD lens so it will fit on a Canon EOS body

Andrew Davidhazy
Imaging and Photographic Technology
School of Photo Arts and Sciences
Rochester Institute of Technology

In late December 2007, during year-end break at school I decided to follow-up on a project I started about 4 years ago or more when my interest in using "old" Canon lenses on the modern Canon electronic cameras started.

At the time I built an adapter that allowed for the use of such lenses on these modern bodies but it was one that only allowed close-up focusing albeit it did make possible the adaptation of imaging devices with (or sometimes without) FD mounts on them such as microscopes, telescopes, copy stands, bellows and odd ball lenses fitted onto extension tubes or bellows.

Bellows are actually an interesting situation since these do not seem to be as readily available for modern cameras as they were in the age of the non-auto everything electronically controlled cameras and lenses of today. You can read that article by clicking here

My latest project, however, had to do with actually modifying the back end of an FD lens so that it would fit on an EOS-type body AND which would allow infinity focusing while maintaining its original focal length and providing the highest level of image quality.

This modification is described in the slide-set that you can reach by clicking on the picture below.

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