Photographs and text related to Nicholas Ames' Ellie
located in Seattle, WA

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Heritage Ellie

On August 17, 2018 the following message was received from Nicholas Ames: I am the new owner of Ellie, and I couldn't be happier! We've gone about 60nm in the past month and are spending our time mainly in West Seattle, Elliot Bay and out around Blake Island and Bainbridge. She sails like a dream and is a very easy to handle solo.

Ray and Mary were wonderful stewards and took very good care of her. She's aesthetically beautiful, and always gets comments, and Ray also made some nice functional updates to the deck gear and cockpit.

Additional information of a historical nature or from the current owner is most welcome!!
write to Andy Davidhazy at:
         Before Nicholas, Ellie was sailed by Ray and Mary Waldmann in Seattle
 and before them by Timothy and Vicky Carman in Michigan

Heritage Ellie with Waldmanns.

You can check on Ray Waldmann's photographs
by following this link: Ray Waldmann's album