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Master of Fine Arts degree, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester,  New York, June 1968. College of Fine and Applied Arts. Major: Graphic  Design. Thesis: Streak Photography and Future Display Techniques.

Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York, June 1966. School of Photographic Arts and  Sciences. College of Graphic Arts and Photography. Major: Photographic Illustration.

Associate in Applied Science degree, Rochester Institute of Technology,  Rochester, New York, June 1964. School of Photographic Arts and  Sciences. College of Graphic Arts and Photography.  Major: Photographic Science.


1979-pre Professor (in 1986) Imaging and Photographic Technology Department of the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences, College of Graphic  Arts and Photography, Rochester Institute of Technology. Department  Chairman since 1989. 

1976-79 Chairman of Photography (Assistant and Associate Professor) in the College of Continuing Education at the Rochester Institute  of Technology.

1974-76 Director, Division of Arts and Graphic Arts, College of  Continuing Education, Rochester Institute of Technology.

1970-74 Assistant Director, Division of Arts and Graphic Arts, College of Continuing Education, Rochester Institute of Technology.

1963-70 Research Photographer, Distillation Research Laboratory, under the direction of Dr. Kenneth C.D. Hickman at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Awarded the Fellowship of the Society for Imaging Science and Technology for outstanding achievement in imaging science or engineering. The award itself was made at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Imaging Science and Technology, held in Montreal, Canada from April 23-26, 2001.

In May 1990 I received the Professor Raymond C. Bowman Award from the Society for Imaging Science and Technology at their national conference held in Rochester.

Received the distinction of Associate from the Royal Photographic Society in 1968 and the Photographic Society of America in in 1985.

On May 9, 1988 I received one of the three Eisenhart Awards for Outstanding Teaching at the Rochester Institute of Technology for the year 1987-88.

In May 1994 I was named NASA/ASEE Research Fellow and invited to participate in the 1994 NASA-ASEE Summer Faculty Research Fellowship program held at NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia. I conducted a program aimed at improving the efficiency of the photographic operations at the Center.

Featured in an article about Mentor Educators in the January 2001 issue (vol.5, number 1) of American Photo OnCampus, a magazine aimed at students and faculty of schools of photography nationwide. The article illustrated with examples of high speed and scientific photography, appeared on pages 12 and 13 under the heading of "The Science of Teaching". It was written by Mason Resnick.

Invited lecturer on April 25, 2002 at the University of Houston Mechanical Engineering Graduate Seminar series. topic of my presentation was "Photo/Imaging Systems incorporating time as the 2nd dimension".

Invited speaker at the International Panoramic Photographers Annual Conference that was held in Shepherdstown, WV from Oct, 8-12, 2002. I spoke on the topic of "Panoramic experiments with improvised digital scanning cameras".

Guest lecturer at the Association of Texas Photography Instructors conference held in Austin, TX from Feb 17-17, 2002. I made two presentations. One on Special Effects Photography and the second on Applications of High Speed Photography in advertising. I also participated in the same conference in 2003 with a presentation on Infrared and Ultraviolet Photography.

Invited speaker at the International Panoramic Photographers Annual Conference that was held in Shepherdstown, WV from Oct, 8-12, 2002. Spoke on the topic of "Panoramic experiments with improvised digital scanning cameras".

Invited speaker at the inaugural meeting of the Washington Chapter of the Society of Imaging Science and Technology held at the University of Delaware on December 2, 2000. My topic was "Scanning Photography - an instantaneous view of time with applications in science, technology and art".

I delivered a paper on "Low cost linear-array CCD camera for the science classroom" and conducted rollout portrait photography demonstrations on the exhibits floor at 123rd American Association of Physics Teachers convention, 21-25, 2001 at the Rochester Convention Center.

I contributed to OPTO - Northeast, a regional optics and photonics conference organized by SPIE, the International Society for Optical Engineering, on April 10-11, 2001. I presented two papers. One "Imaging Technology - an applications based imaging program" and "Low-cost linear-array CCD camera for use in the science classroom".

I participated in the ICCC Conference that was held in Rochester in the Spring of 2001 with an exhibition of high speed photographs. This exhibition also gave me the opportunity to distribute information to the attendees about the Imaging and Photographic Technology program. I made specially aimed brochures about the program for the visitor to the exhibit.

I presented a lecture at 2001 Science Educators Conference held in Rochester on Sept. 20-21, 2001. Lecture given on Sept. 20 was on using an improvised digital camera as a teaching tool in the science classroom.

I gave several lectures and demonstrations at GEH as part of their Tips and Techniques speaker series on March 1, 2000 from 6:30 - 8:00 pm. The topic was "High Speed Photography". Gave a second guest lecture on April 5, 2001 concentrating on the fine points of "Strip, Streak and Scanning Photography" I was again an invited speaker for the November 11, 2001 program and I spoke on "Photographic Illusions".

Presented a paper on "Low cost digital camera for education purposes" at the Sensors, Cameras and Applications for Digital Photography II conference of the International Society for Optical Engineering in San Jose, CA, on Jan 26, 2000.

Guest lecture and demonstration of an improvised digital camera for peripheral portrait photography as well as conducting guest portfolio reviews at Fotofusion 2000, a conference organized by Palm Beach Photo Workshops in DelRay, FL from Jan 26-30, 2000.

On February 24, 2000 I presented an invited paper, "Digital Peripheral Photography, a forensic visualization alternative" at the 2000 Annual Conference of the American Association of Forensic Scientists (AAFS) that was held in Reno, NV, from February 22-26, 2000.

Presented a seminar on Special Special Effects at the Photo/Expo East Convention held at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC on Nov. 4-6, 2000 with 19 people in attendance.

Guest lecturer to the regional meeting of the Bio Communicators Association sometime in the Fall of 2000. The subject was "Digital Photography On a  Shoestring".

The PhotoForum is a worldwide mailing list dedicated to photo/imaging education and professional practice. I started the list in March of 1994 and the list currently has about 600 subscribers worldwide and has had a weekly updated exhibition of member's photographs since 1996.

The material below is mostly pre-1996 until you get to the lists of Publications and Exhibitions:

In May 1993 I conducted a two-day Basics of Photoinstrumentation workshop for NASA photographers at Langley Research Center in Hampton Virginia. I repeated this workshop for an audience comprised of beginning scientis and engineers in August 1993.

In July 19-23, 1993 I conducted a week-long workshop for photographers at the Master Photography Workshops, organized by Yoshi Higa and held at the Southampton Campus of the Long Island University.

In January of 1992 I was named the inaugural Kodak Visiting Professor to Australia by the Eastman Kodak Company. This awarded an honorarium plus provided funds to visit Australia for the purpose of short-term teaching and lecturing at an Australian photographic educational center. In 1992 the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology was the chosen site. From February 1-12, 1988 I was a guest instructor at The Institute for Photography of the University of Gothenberg of Sweden.

Included in a reference book by Michele and Michel Auer titled "Encyclopedie International des Photographes 1839-1983" and in 1985 I was included in the Inaugural Issue of "Who's Who in Optical Science and Engineering", published by the Marquis Publishing Co.

From June 11 to 15, 1991 was invited to participate and exhibit in the II Studio Internacional de Tecnologia de Imagem held in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In November 1993 I was invited to return to Sao Paulo, Brazil by the Universidade Estadual Paulista and the Centro de Communicacao e Artes. I presented a week-long workshop on Scanning Photography and the Phoenix Process at SENAC, Sao Paulo and also had a one-artist exhibit of my photographs at the same location from Nov. 22 to Dec. 5. I was also a participant in the 3rd. Internacional Studio de la Imagem group exhibition held at the SESC Pompeia Gallery in Sao Paulo from Oct. 26 to December 5, 1993.

As time permitted, I have been a consultant in Photographic Instrumentation for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Mobil Chemical Corp., International Telephone and Telegraph, Eastman Kodak Co., Consolidated Vacuum, Garlock Inc., Albany International, Xerox Corp., Dansk International Design, Hutchins Y/R, Teledyne Brown Engineering, Wickes Manufacturing, Geissinger Clinic, RIT Research Corporation, Modern Photography and Popular Photography Magazines, Glaxo Inc., Carter-Wallace Inc., Consumer Union, Linatex, Remington Arms, etc.

In July of 1986, the Hasselblad Foundation made an award in support of a proposal that I wrote to help improve the scope of instruction in the Photoinstrumentation area through the purchase of High Speed Video equipment. The grant was for $43,000. In September of 1986 I was instrumental in arranging for a grant of High Speed Video equipment from the Spin Physics Corporation in the form of an EKTAPRO 1000 camera valued at $14,000.

I was a guest lecturer on "Special Applications in Schlieren Photography" at the University of Washington, the University of Illinois, the Rochester Institute of Technology and at the Cordin Seminar on Ultra High Speed Cameras and Photographic Techniques.

I have lectured widely on the general topic of "Simplified approaches to Strip and Streak Photography and Scanning Photographic Systems" as invited speaker to conferences, workshops and seminars. These include:

New England Camera Club Council Annual Meeting, 1977.
Kodak Camera Club Teach-in of 1977, 1980, 1981, 1982 and 1983.
Camera Rochester Photo Club meeting of May, 1978.
Industrial Photographers of New England meeting of March 19, 1979.
Photographic Society of America National Convention, August, 1978.
Arts/Science Interaction, at RIT on March 21, 1979.
Society of Photographic Scientists and Engineers National Conference, 1979.
Society for Photographic Education National Conference, Feb., 1980.
International Visual Literacy Association Conference, May, 1980.
Buffalo Industrial Photographers Association meeting of Nov., 1980.
and Industrial Seminar/Workshop of April, 1984.
Several Chapter meetings of the Society of Photographic Scientists and
Engineers including:
Rochester, January 16, 1980.
Binghampton, April 21, 1981.
Atlanta, December 10, 1981.
Boston, April 14, 1982.
New York, January 20, 1983.
Washington, May 18, 1984.
Laboratory for Laser Energetics, University of Rochester, Sep. 25, 1981.
15th Int. Congress on High Speed Photography, San Diego, August 21-27, 1982
Society for Engineering Education Convention, held at RIT, June 1983.
Newark (NY) Photographic Workshop organized by John Truini of the 
University of Rochester held on June 16, 1984.
Xerox Corporation RBG/AP&T Engineering Seminar, Xerox Corp. August 30, 1984
Evidence Photographers International Council, held at Eastman Kodak
Marketing Education Center, Rochester, NY, June 28 - August 1, 1984.
2nd International Panoramic Photographers Association Conference, held in
Orlando, Florida, February 5-8, 1985. "Simplified Approaches to
Strip/Streak and Scanning Photography".
3rd International Panoramic Photographers Association Conference, held in 
Las Vegas, Nevada, March 23-26, 1986."Panoramic Experiments".
Biomedical Photographers Association, Western New York Chapter Fall 1985
meeting at Genesee Hospital on December 7, 1985. Also presented to the
Lake Ontario Chapter of the same Society at the regional meeting held
in Toronto on April 18-19, 1986.
Effective use of Photography as Legal Evidence, University of Wisconsin
Extension course, April 21-23, 1986. Spoke on Panoramic and Peripheral
Photography and also on Infrared and Ultraviolet Photography.
High Speed Motion Analysis, organized by William Hyzer, this is a seminar
run by the University of Wisconsin in Madison in the month of October.
Participated in 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993.
Institute of Photography, Gothenberg, Sweden on February 8, 1988 to a
special meeting of the regional professional photographers during my
visit as a guest lecturer at that University.
American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Rochester Student Chapter. On
February 9, 1989.
Opthalmic Photographers Society, Advanced Photo Workshop held at Kodak's
Marketing Education Center on May 8-11, 1989.
Photo 1, a workshop/symposium for Photography Educators presented at RIT
and Kodak by the Ansel Adams Gallery on June 18-23, 1989. My
presentation, "A Scanning Approach to Imaging" was given on June 20th.
Techniques in High Speed Film, Video and Electronic Imaging, organized by
Optikon Corporation of Waterloo, Ontario. Participated in 1990, 1991, 
1992 and 1993.
Ryerson Polytechnic Institute, Kodak sponsored guest lecture/workshop
presented on January 19-20, 1990.
Lansing Community College, lecture presented to the Photography Institute
on January 25, 1990.
La Folha de Sao Paulo, lecture presented to the newspaper's photography and
art staff on June 13, 1991.
Photographic Studies in France (PSF) photography school located in Paris,
in August, 1991
Eastman Kodak Image Study Group of the Imaging Science Laboratory meeting
of November 7, 1991 held in Bldg 65 of Kodak Park.
Batavia (NY) Photography Club monthly meeting held on February 11, 1992.
Invited lecture at 35th Annual Conference of the Industrial Photographers 
of the SouthWest held in Albuquerque, NM from May 12-15, 1994. 
UPAA 1995 Symposium (University Photographers Association of America) 
June 13-16, 1995.

"Flashes, Splashes and Pops" and "Scanning and Panning with Slit Cameras" were two lectures presented at the Association of Texas Photography Instructors (ATPI) annual convention held in Houston, Texas from Nov. 12 to 14, 1994.

"North Slope Missile Testing Range - a simulation based approach to photoinstrumentation education" was the title of a paper presented at the Conference on Education in Optics held in conjunction with the 40th Conference of SPIE, the International Society for Optical Engineering, held in San Diego from July 9-14, 1995. I also conducted high speed and peripheral portrait demonstration as part of the Science Center activity at the conference.

Presented two workshops and was a featured speaker along with Donna Terek and Michel Tcherevkoff at FOCUS '95 held at Lansing Community College in Lansing, MI on April 18-20, 1995. On Thursday April 20, presented a workshop entitled "Making Pictures and Solving Problems", and a workshop on the "Phoenix Process". In the evening gave a feature presentation on "Creative Photography with Scanning Cameras". Organizer was Professor Ike Lea of Lansing Community College.

Presented "Stroboscopic Spinoffs and the Modern Uses of Stroboscopic Photography" at the Dryden Theater of the George Eastman House on April 8, 1995 as part of a lecture series organized by the International Museum of Photography in memory of Harold "Doc" Edgerton. Organizer was Mike Sladden at the IMP/GEH.

Gave two workshops on Special Effects photography at the New York State Art Teachers Association ARTLINKS '95 meeting that was held in conjunction with the NY Media Art Teachers Association at the Clarence High School on April 1, 1995.

At the 19th International Congress for High Speed Photography and Photonics held in Cambridge, England from Sept. 17-21, 1990 I presented a paper titled "Study of Rupture Pattern of Latex Condoms Subjected to Air Burst Test". At the 20th Congress of the same organization held in Victoria, Canada from Sept. 21-25, 1992 I presented a paper entilted "Some Stroboscopic Spinoffs in Photographic Technology" which was also presented earlier at the Edgerton Imaging Symposium associated with the 42nd annual SPSE Conference held in Boston on May 15-19, 1989.

At the 38th annual SPSE conference held in Atlantic City, NJ on May 12-18, 1985, I reported on my work related to the development of peripheral photography of conical objects and conical panoramic projection photography. I participated as Session Chairman of the High Speed Photography session at the Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers 29th Annual Conference held in San Diego from August 18-23, 1985. I was session coordinator and presenter of a demonstration program including Schlieren, Synchroballistic and High Speed photography at the 30th Annual Conference of the SPIE in San Diego held from August 17-22, 1986. At the 31st Annual Conference of SPIE, I was Session Co-Chairman in the Conference on High Speed Photography, Videography and Photonics and presented a paper on "Applications of Slow and Fast Recording Streak Cameras". At the 32nd Annual Conference I was Program Chairman of the Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineering Conference and contributed a descriptive paper on the Imaging and Photographic Technology Department at RIT, contributed to the Retrospective Exhibit on High Speed Cameras and presented a tutorial entitled "Introduction to Shadowgraph and Schlieren Imaging". At the 33rd Annual Conference of the SPIE held in San Diego in August 1989, I presented a paper entitled "Camera for Conical Peripheral and Panoramic Photography" as part of the Conference on Current Developments in Optical Engineering and Commercial Optics.

In addition, I have been a guest speaker on a variety of other topics, including Ultraviolet, Infrared and Kirlian Photography, Schlieren Photography and High Speed Photography, Photographic Education, Special Effects, the Phoenix Process, Basic Photography, Panoramic Photography and various other topics at many meetings and conferences including the ones listed below but after about 1990 I started to keep track:

The Rochester Photographic Historical Society meeting of November 19, 
1992 on the topic of "Historical Aspects in High Speed Photography".
Twin Cities Camera Club on October 8, 1992, "Panoramic Photography".
Camera Rochester meeting on September 21, 1992, "Panoramic Photography".
Kodak Camera Club meeting on October 3, 1991, "Panoramic Photography".
Boston Chapter of the SPSE monthly meeting held in December 1989. Gave a
lecture/demonstration on the topic of "Light Scanning Photomacrography".
Camera Rochester Photo Club, "Electronic Flash Principles and
Applications" on April 17, 1989.
Twin Cities Camera Club, topic was "Scanning Photography Simplified" on
April 5, 1989.
Greater Rochester Professional Photographers, topic "Flashes, Splashes
and Pops", on February 8, 1989.
Niagara Frontier Council of Camera Clubs, day long program encompassing
three presentations on "Building your own photo equipment", "Flashes,
Splashes and Pops" and "Remote Releases". On November 5, 1988.
Lockport Camera Club, topic "Flashes, Splashes and Pops" on Nov. 7, 1988
Biomedical Photographers Association National Conference, held in
Rochester, NY, on August 7, 1988 on the topic of "Electronic Flash for
Scientific Photography of Objects in Motion".
Schenectady Photographic Society meeting held on April 6, 1988. The
topic of the presentation was "Panoramic and Peripheral Photography".
Biomedical Photographers Association, Western New York Chapter,
"Schlieren and Shadowgraph Systems", presented at RIT on March 19,1988.
Twin Cities Camera Club, March 2, 1988 "Electronic Flash Principles"
Society of Photographic Scientists and Engineers, New York City Chapter, 
"Ultraviolet and Infrared Photography Principles", Sept. 26, 1985.
Photographic Society of America International Conference, held in
Seattle, in August 1985, "Infrared and Ultraviolet Photography Summarized".
Biomedical Photographers Association Annual Conference, held in
Toronto, in August 1981, "Infrared Photography of Velazquez Paintings".
Rochester Chapter of SPSE meeting of March 1983 topic was "Infrared,
Ultraviolet and Kirlian Photography".
Cordin Seminar on Ultra High Speed Photography, Salt Lake City, July
1983, "Schlieren Photography". 
Science Exploration Days, High School Career and Science Fair held at
St. John Fischer College, speaker on the topic of High Speed
Photography in 1980, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989,
1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 and 1995.
International Graphic Arts Educators Association convention held in
Rochester, NY in August 1984. Topic: Basic Photoinstrumentation.
Effective Use of Photography as Legal Evidence Seminar held at the 
University of Wisconsin April 21-23, 1986 "Principles of Infrared, 
Ultraviolet and Peripheral Photography".

I participated in the Margaret Graham Smith TV Show on Rochester Channel 10 on March 27, 1979 on the topic of "The day the sky went dark" about the February 26, 1979 total solar eclipse which I photographed from Manitoba.

In May of 1986 my classroom project on Synchroballistic photography was featured on a local Channel 10 television news broadcast. In October of 1986 a demonstration which I conducted for dyslexic children of the Norman Howard school was featured on Channel 13. The synchroballistic project was again a subject of television news coverage on the Turner Broadcasting Cable News Network (CNN) between November 27 and 30 of 1986.

In October 1992 I contributed to an investigative report on the efficiency of the Patriot missile system in the Gulf War based on the use of broadcast TV footage for analysis of high speed data.

On May 26, 1993 I gave a phone interview to local radio station WHAM on photography of possibly paranormal phenomenon at Stonehenge. On June 1, 1993 I gave a television interview on the same subject to local TV Channel 10.

In November of 1978 I developed and constructed a unique strip enlarger for the purpose of making continuous enlargements of long lengths of 35mm film.

I collaborated with Drs. Leslie Stroebel and Ronald Francis on an investigation for the House Select Committee on the assasination of President Kennedy.

In June of 1980 I collaborated with Dr. Gridley McKim-Smith of Tulane University along with other researchers, in a study including Infrared Photography of six Velazquez paintings located in the Prado Museum. This work was later published in the form of a book and in February 1991 was awarded the first National Institute for Conservation Joint Award for Distinction in Scholarship and Conservation by the College Art Association.

In November of 1987 I collaborated with Dr. McKim-Smith again concerning infrared photography at the Metropolitan Museum of paintings by Zurbaran.

In November of 1980 I constructed a simplified hand-driven panoramic camera by modifying an Agfa Silette body to automatically advance the correct film length for the 19mm lens that was also fitted to it.

During April of 1984 I collaborated with a TV production crew to produce two short features for the Disney Cable Network involving special photographic techniques. The programs are entitled "Film Fun" and "High Speed Photography" and were first aired in 1984 as part of "The Scheme of Things" show.

In December 1984 I developed a new peripheral camera capable of distortion-free reproduction of surface features around a subject of conical section.

Was awarded a first prize by the SPIE in their Third Annual Photo Contest in October 1992 for a color photograph of nonhomogeneous plate glass in a schlieren beam.

Awarded Third Prize in a photo contest sponsored by Popular Photography magazine. The contest was designed to showcase innovative applications of single-use cameras.

PARTIAL LISTINGS of PUBLISHING and EXHIBITION related activities follows:


One of my conical panoramic photographs of the George Eastman House was selected as the cover illustration for the 123rd American Association of Physics Teachers convention program. The conference was held July 21-25,  2001 in the Rochester Convention Center.

A photograph of a splash was used on the cover of a book by Andrius  Baltuska - Hydrated Electron Dynamics Explored with 5 femtosecond Pulses -  ISBN 90-367-1209-2. Printed by Stichting Drukkerij C. Regenboorg, Groningen

Fotomundo magazine published in Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 2002 issue. Image was a digital rollout portrait.

Tech Directions Magazine, January 1993 issue of Tech Directions magazine published by Prakken Publications, Ann Arbor, Michigan. A 1 microsecond  exposure of a tomato exploding upon impact with a supersonic bullet. 

ZED magazine wraparound cover photograph for the Jan/Feb 1993 published  by Roberts Communications of Rochester.

Medicinsk och Technisk Fotografi, issue number 2, 1994, photograph is a 1 microsecond flash photograph of a bullet's impact on a ripe red tomato.

Chemistry for Engineers and Scientists, cover and several other illustrations in book by Fine and Beall published by  Saunders College Publishing Company, July 1990. 

Rifle Magazine, March-April 1990 issue, number 128, published by  the Wolfe Publishing Company. 

R&D (Research and Development) magazine, December 1989 issue.

RIT Basketball Program for the 1988-89 season.

Water Technology Magazine, December 1987 issue, published by  United Business Publications.

Focus Magazine, Summer 1988, published by the National Technical Institute for the Deaf at RIT.

Upstate Magazine, Nov. 2, 1980, published by the Rochester Gannett Newspapers.

101 Experiments in Photography, vol. 1, by Todd and Zakia,  published by Morgan and Morgan.

Fundamentals of Photography, by C.B. Neblette, published by Van Nostrand and Reinhold

Loma Linda University Yearbook cover, 1972

Lotus, an Ohio University literary publication, vol. 1, #3, 1972

Popular Photography magazine, September 1971, Ziff-Davis Pub. Co.

Insight magazine, June 27, 1971, a publication of the Milwaukee Journal newspaper.

Camera Magazine, February 1971, 50 th year issue, published by the C.J. Bucher Co., Switzerland.

Graduate Bulletin, Rochester Institute of Technology 1970 issue.

Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Magazine, October 1967.

Witness Magazine, September 1966, published by the Lawyer's Cooperative Publishing Co..

New York State Education Magazine, May 1965, a publication of the New York State Education Department.

Author of a two part article in the March and May, 2002, issues of Fotomundo magazine published in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The March issue carried part one of an article, "Scanning Digital Photography" on pp:16-19. Part two, under the title of "Applications of the strip digital camera" appeared in the May issue on pp: 4-6.

"Improvised Scanning Digital Panoramic Camera" was published in the Fall 2001 issue of Panorama magazine, the journal of Panoramic Imaging of the International Panoramic Photographers Association on pages 4-6, of Volume 18, Number 3 of the publication.

Wrote a 25 page illustrated article devoted to High Speed Photography for a Wiley Press publication devoted to Imaging Science and Technology. The editor of the book is Joe Hronak from the Center for Imaging Science at RIT.

"The Phoenix Process" was published in the January 2000 issue of the Journal of the Photographic Society of America on pages 10-14 of the publication.

"In-Camera Masking for 35mm Cameras" appeared in the Jan-Feb 1999 Issue of Photo Imaging, the publication of the Photo Imaging Educators Association.

"How to build a basic focusing schlieren system" appeared in the February, 1999 issue of OE Reports, a publication of the International Society for Optical Engineering, on pp 11 and 14.

"In Camera Masking with 35mm cameras" was published in the March issue of ABC of Photography, and online magazine.

"Digital Camera Improvisation" appeared on page 2 of the November 1999 issue of the Electronic Imaging Newsletter of the International Society for Optical Engineering

"Using the PhotoForum (and other mailing lists) on the INTERNET" was published on pp 1-3 in the Nov/Dec 1997 issue of the Photo Imaging Educators Association Newsletter.

"Linear strip photographs using Cirkut and Hulcher cameras"was publisehd in the magazine of panoramic photography of the International Association of Panoramic Photographers (IAPP on pages 12-14 of the December 1997, Volume 14, Number 5 issue of the publication.

"There is more to a blur than meets the eye" published in the February 1998 issue of Optical Engineering Reports, a journal of the International Society for Optical Engineering. The article describes how ingenuity and an understanding of imaging principles can often make up for brute financial "force" in solving problems associated with velocity and rate of change related physical processes.

Co-published, along with several of my students, a report of the student's project that was flown on the NASA Microgravity plane, sometimes referred to as the Vomit Comet, in the Journal of the Biomedical Photographers Association. Co-authors with me were Crystal Embrey, Keith Krause, Jason Babcock and Sam Hill. The article was entitled Photography at Zero-G, a microgravity liquid behavior experiment. It was published in the March 1998.

Article published in the August 1998 (No. 176) issue of OE Reports, a publication of the SPIE (International Society for Optical Engineering). "High speed imaging with digital camera provides immediate results" described a method whereby an Agfa 1280 consumer grade digital camera was used to photograph .22 caliber bullets in flight and while smashing through various objects.

"Scanning with a Polaroid camera", published in the MATA (New York State Media Art Teachers Association) newsletter published in the Winter 1995. The article appears on page 3 of the newsletter and it describes how a simple Polaroid camera can be modified to produce visually startling effects based on a scanning technique now popular in digital imaging applications.

"Scanning with a Polaroid Camera", the Journal of the ATPI (Association of Texas Photography Instructors), Jan 1995 issue, Vol. 5, Issue 2, p 2.

"PhotoForum" published in the Journal of the Fellowship for Photo Educators, Vol. 6, November 1994, p. 1.

"Spaltljus makrofotografering med en elektronisk minnenshet" (Light scanning macrophotography with an electronic memory unit") in the first issue of 1995 of the Swedish journal "Medicinsk och Technisk Fotografi".

"Principer och hjalpmedel for Hoghastighetsfotografering (Principles and techniques of High Speed Photography) in the Swedish journal Medicinsk och Technisk Fotografi, issue number 2, 1994 pages 8-10.

"Light Scanning Photomacrography with Electronic Memory Unit" in the January 1994 issue of the SPIE's Electronic Imaging Newsletter, Vol. 4, Number 1, pp. 8-9.

"Playing with mirrors at more than 500 pps with your basic SLR camera", in the SPIE OE Reports, May 1993 issue, p. 13.

"Some Stroboscopic Spinoffs in Photographic Technology", Invited Paper, in the Proceedings of the 20th INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON HIGH SPEED PHOTOGRAPHY AND PHOTONICS, published by the SPIE. June 1993, Volume 1801, pp. 672-676.

"The Phoenix Process - restoring paper negatives", in Darkroom and Creative Camera Techniques magazine, March/April 1993 issue, pp. 46-49.

"Slirfotografering" (Schlieren Photography) in the Swedish photographic journal "Tidskrift for Medicinsk och Technisk Fotografi" in the Number 2 issue of 1993 on pages 4-6.

"Blixtfotografering med "bakkantstriggning", pp. 14,15,20 of # 1/1993 issue of the Swedish Tidskrift for MEDICINSK OCH TEKNISK FOTOGRAFI".

"Die Herstellung einer Mehrzweck-Stereokamera", pp. 20-23 of 3D-Magazin, Offizielles Organ der Deutschen Gesellschaft fur Stereografie, Volume 2, April-June 1993.

"There is more to a blur than meets the eye", in Tech Directions Magazine January 1993, pp.13-15.

"Stinging Wasp Photographs", pp 12-14 of the PSA Journal, Vol. 58, Number 11, November 1992. Publication of the Photographic Society of America.

"Imaging and Photographic Technology", pp 1 and 3 of The Journal of the Fellowship of Photographic Educators, Vol. 1, Number 3, November 1992.

"A new Spin on Panoramic Photography", pp 10-11, FALL 1992 issue of the Kodak PHOTO EDUCATOR INTERNATIONAL.

"Hoghastghetsfotografering", pp 6-7 of the #4/1994 issue Swedish magazine Tidskrift for MEDICINSK OCH TEKNISK FOTOGRAFI".

"Tillampninggar for snabb och langsam Svepfotograpfering", pp. 16-19 of # 3/1992 issue of the Tidskrift for MEDICINSK OCH TEKNISK FOTOGRAFI".

"Forenklade system for Svep/spalt och scanningfotografering", pp 16-21 of # 2/1992 issue of the Tidskrift for MEDICINSK OCH TEKNISK FOTOGRAFI".

"Stroboscopifotografering med Rorlig Film" pp 16-17, Nr.4, 1991 issue of the Tidskrift for MEDICINSK OCH TEKNISK FOTOGRAFI", published in Sweden.

"Low-Tech Radio Control for Cameras and Flashes" in the August 1991 issue of the PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY of AMERICA JOURNAL, Vol. 57, No. 8, pp. 25-27.

"Mr. Photoinstrumentation, William G. Hyzer" in PHOTOMETHODS magazine Vol. 34, Number 1, February 1991 issue, p.10.

"Visual Impact with Strip Photographs" in PHOTO WORLD magazine published in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 1990, PP. 56-59.

"Initial Break Point of Latex Condoms During the Air Burst Test, viewed with high speed photography", with R. Stube and B. Voeller in a December 1989 MARIPOSA FOUNDATION OCCASIONAL PAPER #13.

"Principles of Peripheral Photography", Fall 1988 issue of the POLAROID PhotoEducation NEWSLETTER FOR PHOTOGRAPHIC EDUCATORS, pp 6-8.

"Flipbooks for a change", in the ILFORD PHOTO INSTRUCTOR Newsletter, issue number 1, Spring 1989, pp 4-5.

"Moving Film Stroboscopy", in the Eastman Kodak NEWSLETTER FOR PHOTOGRAPHIC EDUCATORS, vol. 21, number 1, March 1988, pp. 1-3.

"Cover your Tailflash", in the March 1988 issue of MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY magazine, vol. 52, number 3.

"Tailflash Action Photography", in the January 1988 issue of the PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER magazine of the Professional Photographers of America, pp 33-35.

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"You can go flying on a roller skate", BOSTON GLOBE, Friday June 19, 1959, page 23. This was the first paid publication of photographs.


Exhibition of 21 high speed and other technical photographs at the Discovery Center of Science and Technology, Bethlehem, PA from June 20 to September 6, 2003.

A collection of my peripheral photographs was included in an exhibition  simultaneously showing the work of six photographers from South and North  America under the umbrella title of "Small Format". The exhibition opened on  April 18 and closed on May 18th, 2002. It was installed at the Instituto  Nacional de Cultura, Chiriqui, Panama.

Photographs by Ruth Foote, Nancy Stuart and myself were included in the newly  published 2nd Edition of Black and White Photography, by Rand and Litschel,  published by Delmar Thomson Learning.

Two of my photographs enlarged to mural proportions are being used to  introduce an exhibition called "Playing with Time" at the Science Museum of  Minnesota. 

A self-portrait was included in an exhibition organized by Estudio El Espacio  located in Avellaneda, Buenos Aires, Argentina. "Fotografos Autoretratados",  an international exhibition featuring the work of 50 photographers, was on  exhibit from June 15 through July 15, 2002.

My "Little Faces" or "Caritas" traveling exhibition was exhibited at various  locations over the course of the past year. It was shown at Clemson  University, SC, USA and was installed by Sam Wang in the MFA Gallery from  January 21-26, 2002. Then, Little Faces made a stop in Raleigh, North  Carolina as guest of Martha Walton at Cardinal Gibbons High School in  February 2002. The collection then went on to Stephen F. Austin State  University as guest of Prof. Amy Holmes George in November 2002. A set also  went to Prof. Belinda Peters at Clark Atlanta University who exhibited them  there from November 5-25, 2002. 

A similar exhibition of 61 of my ink-jet prints under the title of "Caritas"  was inaugurated March 15, 2002 at the Pan American Christian Academy located  in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It remained there until March 29, 2002 when the  collection was moved to the Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing from  April 1 through 12, 2002, also in Sao Paulo. The prints were at this time  "lost". However, I made another set and under the same title "Caritas" opened  at the Universidad de Panama, in Panama City, Panama on April 5, 2002 and was  on exhibit there until April 21. At that time the set of 60 prints was  divided in two parts and each half went to different locations in Panama. 

I participated in several web-based or "virtual" galleries throughout the  year. These include the (local) PhotoForum list's gallery and the Certamen de  Fotored out of Spain and a Haiku oriented gallery out of Japan.

I was represented in an international group exhibition of photographs by  members of Fotored that was held at the Auditorio Municipal Maestro Padilla  in Almeria, Spain from July 9 through August 3, 2001.

I produced and promoted a new traveling exhibition of my photographs. "Little  Faces", consisting of 40 ink-jet prints was inaugurated at the Angels Among  Us art gallery in Lancaster, California, on July 14. The exhibit ran there  from the 16th through 29th of July, 2001. It was later exhibited in Mexico at  the ITSON university in Guaymas and subsequently at the University of  Obregon. Both these exhibits were over the period of Sept. 6 through 25,  2001. After Mexico the exhibition was shown to students in a photography  course at the University of Chicago Laboratory School during the month of  October, 2001. A parallel exhibition of a second set of prints was shown  informally in Lima, Peru over the months of October/November 2001 to several  groups of photographers and will be returning there for an exhibition in  June/July, 2002.

A Phoenix process photograph of mine was selected for inclusion in an  invitational exhibition of photographs at the Center at High Falls gallery in  Rochester, NY. "A photographer's path II, 1999 - Prophecy" was the exhibition  and it was sponsored by the Community Darkroom, the Campos Group and the  gallery. It was on exhibit from March 3 through April 30, 1999.

I participated in an exhibition of photographs held at the Fundacion  Universitaria San Pablo in Valencia, Spain. This was the inaugural exhibition  at the newly renovated Palacio de Colmina and the exhibition was held during  the month of May 1999. It included 19 hispanic photographers (in fact or in  soul), all members of Fotored, from around the world and united by a common  bond in language, photography and the Internet.

Two of my photographs were included in an exhibition commemorating 50th  anniversary of Club Fotografico de Mexico in Mexico City during November 1999  and added to their permanent collection.

Included in a group exhibition of photographs by members of Fotored held in  the Canary Islands during October-November, 1999 at the Fotoclub Gran  Canaria. This traveling exhibition is looked after by me on a long distance  basis. 

A photograph of mine was included in an exhibition at the Museum of Victoria  in Melbourne, Australia as part of an exhibition titled Upper West/Human Mind  and Body/Highlights. Thie exhibition will run for a year and my photographs  are of included in mural proportions.

One of my photographs was included (an will be there for ten years!) in the  Ngorongoro Crater program included in the Smithsonian National Museum of  Natural History's "African Voices" exhibit. The video production was by  Northern Light Production of Boston, MA. The license was signed Oct. 10 1999

I presented a one person exhibition at the Agrupacion Fotografica de Gran  Canaria, Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain on May 15, 2000. It was made up of two  series, one concerned with Phoenix Process figure photographs and the other  with peripheral portraits. The exhibition closed on June 9, 2000. 

I was a participating member in a group show "De lo Virtual a lo Real" that  opened on May 17, 2000 at the Centro Cultural Recoleta, of Buenos Aires,  Argentina. This exhibition closed on June 4, 2000.

My photographs were included in a group exhibition titled "Fotografos de la  Aldea Mundial" (Photographers from the Global Village) which opened in Lima,  Peru on August 23 and ran until Sept. 13 at the Sala de Actividades  Especiales of the Universidad del Pacifico.

Three of my high speed photographs were selected for inclusion in a permanent  exhibition on high speed stroboscopic photography installed at the brand-new  W5 Museum located in Belfast and part of the National Museums of Northern  Ireland. Further info about the museum:

I was invited to participate in the 1997 Rochester Artists Invitational ..  Exhibition at the Center at High Falls 2nd Floor Gallery. The exhibition, on  display from November 1997 through January 1998, brought together 100 artists  of diverse experience and vision to honor their creativity and community  involvement. I contributed a Phoenix Process photograph to the exhibition.

I participated in an invitational exhibition of High Speed photographs that  was held at the Seoul Art Center, in Seoul, Korea. I had 21 images (from  microsecond photos of bullets in flight to stroboscopic motion sequences)  included in the exhibition that brought together work by some of the foremost  practitioners of high speed photography in the world including Harold  Edgerton and Stephen Dalton. The exhibition was organized and curated by  Prof. Juyong Lee, Department of Media Arts, Korean National University of  Arts. The exhibition opening was held on the 23th of June 1998 and it closed  on July 24, 1998. 

I participated in a group exhibition "Fotored", that was held in Mexico City,  Mexico, from June 26 through July 27, 1998. This is a travleing exhibition  and it is now one exhibit in Spain after which it travels to South America.

One-person exhibition of my photographs was held from April 24 through May  24, 1998 at the CLUB FOTOGRAFICO DE MEXICO Londres 75-103 Colonia Juarez  Zona Rosa CP 06600 Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico. "RETRATOS PERIFERALES"  was the title of the exhibition.

Invited participant in the First Annual International Photo Educators Exhibition at Sinclair Community College in Dayton, OH from February 2  to February 24, 1995 in the LRC gallery. Three images were pre-selected  for inclusion by the curator, Prof. Richard Jurus at 513-226-7974.

One-person exhibition of photographs at the Montpelier Cultural Arts  Center in Laurel, Maryland. from April 3 through April 26, 1995. The exhibition consited of 50, scanning-based, linear, peripheral and  panoramic photographs as well as a display of my improvised cameras and  enlarging equipment. On April 7th, 1995 I gave a gallery talk there.  Curator was John Yeh, reachable at 301-953-1993.

New Photography juried exhibition at the 1994 Los Angeles County Fair.

Environmental Fax Orgy exhibition participant. Exhibition was held  at the Bad Habit Cafe in Minneapolis, MN during the month of April 1993.

Atrium Gallery, Rochester NY from August 8 to September 27, 1993. Two artist exhibition with RIT painting graduate Peggy Kehoe.

"This 'n That", RIT/SPAS North Display Cases, from August 9 to 21, 1993.

"Faxing Realities", The OtherArt Gallery, at the Southern Oregon State  College campus, Ashland, Oregon from July 12th through August 13th, 1993.

1993 WXXI FINE ART SHOWCASE, U of R Cutler Union, Oct. 29-30, 1993. Recognized with an Award of Excellence for photography.

Mercer Gallery, Rochester, NY. Mail Art Exhibition organized in Association with Montage '93. The exhibition ran from July 11 through  August 7, 1993.

Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) 3333 Coyote Hill Rd., Palo Alto, CA 94304. This juried group exhibition was based on artwork created with the use of a photocopier and it ran from July 22 to September 30, 1993. 

INTERRELATIONSHIPS", OPEN WORLD, OPEN MIND, OPEN ART  EXHIBITION/FESTIVAL AND NETWORKING CONGRESS held at the "Protokol"  Gallery and Hall, "Kuca Krsmanovica", Narodni fond, Belgrade, Yugoslavia from July 19  - 30, 1993

MASTER PHOTOGRAPHERS EXHIBITION at Southampton Campus of Long  Island University, June 23 to July 24, 1993

SPAS Faculty Exhibition, Bevier Gallery, RIT, March 1976 and every SPAS Faculty exhibition thereafter that was held in the Bevier Gallery or the SPAS Photo Gallery.

1992 WXXI FINE ART SHOWCASE, U of R Cutler Union, Oct. 20-23, 1992.

II STUDIO INTERNATIONAL DE TECHNOLOGIAS DE IMAGEM, a group  exhibition concerned with art and technology held at SESC Pompeia,  Sao Paulo, Brazil, from June 7 to August 4, 1991.

PANORAMIC PHOTOGRAPHY, a group exhibition by panoramic  photographers worldwide organized by IMAGES, Inc. and held in  Hampton, VA from February 22 to March 15, 1991. Participated with  six photographs.

WXXI Fine Arts and Crafts Showcase Exhibition, held at Harley  School in Rochester, NY from October 9-23, 1990. Received 1st  Award of Excellence in Photography.

150 YEARS OF POP PHOTOGRAPHICA, at the Islip (NY) Art Museum from  Dec. 11, 1988 to January 22, 1989. Participated with a Conical  Lampshade.

KODAK PARK CAMERA CLUB GALLERY, Feb. 15 to March 4, 1988. Exhibit of images made with modified Nimslo camera and recent strip photographs.

TOY CAMERA PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW, RIT Photo Gallery, from Feb. 8-21,  1988. 2 photographs of Urea Crystals taken through a microscope with a Fuji disposable camera reloaded with Kodak film.

BUCK'S COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE Photo Gallery, Nov. 9-19, 1987.

RIT Photofinishing Management Mini-gallery show during the Spring quarter of 1987.

SCIENCE IN PICTURES, a traveling show of the American Association  for the Advancement of Science compiled from the SCIENCE 85 Photo  Contest finalists.

LANSING COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Photography Dept. Gallery, Nov. 1985.

KODAK APPARATUS DIVISION (Camera Club Gallery) Feb. 1985, also 1987.

EXPO '84, held in New Orleans, LA. Water drop impact photographs included in the U.S. PAVILION exhibition and also in the U.S. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY exhibition.

SCIENCE IN PICTURES, participant in a traveling exhibition of  science related photographs compiled by SCIENCE '84 magazine and on display at the Maryland Science Center, Baltimore, Md., July 1984, Buffalo Museum of Science, Buffalo, NY, Sept. 1984 and the Williamsburg Regional Library Art Center, Williamsburg, VA, Nov. 1984.

AAAS Annual Meeting, exhibition of scientific photographs held in New York, N.Y., May 25-29, 1984.

ART FACULTY SHOW, group show of Continuing Education Art Faculty  held in the Bevier Gallery at RIT, September 1983.

ONE MAN SHOWS at the Rochester Savings Bank "Ward Gallery" held in Rochester, N.Y. in June 1976, November 1978, March 1981, and  February 1982. 

ALUMNI SHOW, organized by RIT's Women's Council on the Arts, held at the RIT College Union Gallery in April 1982.

NO '82 (WOMAN 82), invitational group show held in Mecs, Hungary in November 1982.

SPAS ALUMNI SHOW, invitational show held in Finland, November 1980.

SINGH and DAVIDHAZY, show of ceramics and photographs held at the  Ward Gallery in Rochester in June 1980.

SHOW OF 3, with Tom M. Wilson and Kathleen Collins at the  Rochester City Hall in March of 1979.

STILLNESS AND MOBILITY, with Barbara Morgan at the RIT/ SPAS Photography Gallery from Dec. 1977 - Jan. 1978.

TIME AND SPACE, a one man show held at the Dutchess Community  College, Hudson Gallery, Dec. 1976 - Jan. 1977.

DAVIDHAZY, SINGH AND VOGELAAR, group show at the Metro Art  Gallery, Rochester, NY, in June 1976.

RIT PHOTO FACULTY SHOW, Bevier Gallery, RIT, March 1976.

TEMPLE BUILDING INAUGURAL SHOW, one man show at the Temple  building in Rochester, NY in December 1976.

ONE MAN SHOW, Monroe Community College Art Gallery, Rochester, NY, in November 1975.

SCIENCE IN ART, ART IN SCIENCE, juried show at the Materials  Research Laboratory of the Pennsylvania State University in  mid-1974. Joint second prize awarded.

EVERSON REGIONAL ART EXHIBITION, juried show held at the Everson Museum in Syracuse, N.Y. in mid-1974.

METRO ART GALLERY, group show, Rochester, N.Y. February 1974.

RIT COLLEGE ALUMNI UNION, one man shows in February 1973 and in October 1974.

BASLER KUNSTMESSE, group photo show held in Basel, Switzerland in  1973 and also in 1974.


DIE BRUECKE, participated in an exhibition held by this Gallery in Vienna, Austria, in 1972 and 1973.

EASTMAN KODAK CAMERA CLUB, one man show in November 1972.

PHOTO OLYMPIADE, competition and show conducted in Munich, Germany in 1972.

REUS FOTOSPORT (Exhibition), conducted by Reus Camera Club in  Reus, Spain in 1970 and 1972.


ROYAL PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY, London, England, Color Group Exhibit  held in 1971.

ROYAL PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY, London, England, Inaugural Invitational Show held in 1970.

ROYAL PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY, London, England, Annual Exhibit, 1969.  


Several of my photographs and explanatory text are included in a book,  "Panoramic Photography", by Nick Meers,, and published by  RotoVision of the UK.

One of my stroboscopic photographs was used as the main illustration for an article on short exposure laser photography published on page V2/11 #144of  the German newspaper Suedeutsche Zeitung published in Munich on Wednesday,  June 26, 2001. 

Two of my stroboscopic photographs were used as illustrations in the May 23, 2001 issue, pp 94-95, of Veja Magazine published in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in  association with an article on animation techniques used for video games.

I contributed a photograph of two caique parrots to Zoogoer magazine, a publication of the National Zoological Park, and it was included in the  Sept/Oct 2002 issue of the magazine.

One of my high speed photographs was featured in the Art Gallery page of HMS  Beagle, a new science magazine on the web. The photograph was included in  Issue #18, which was posted Friday, October 17, 2000 

My work was published in the August 2000 issue of the Italian popular science  magazine "Newton". I described and illustrated many of the special  photographic techniques that I introduces in my courses related to scientific  and technical photography, from high speed applications to thermal, schlieren  and peripheral recording systems. The article, profusely illustrated,  appeared on pages 58-67 of the August 2000 issue. It was written by Monica  Marelli based on several interviews conducted over the Internet.

Five of my photographs were included in a book entitled "Out of Sight,  pictures of hidden worlds" by Simon Seymour and published by SeaStar Books,  NY, and released in September, 2000. The full page photographs all deal with  high speed events, from the impact of a tennis ball on a racket's strings to  the splitting of a playing card by a .22 caliber bullet. They appear on pp.  31-35 of the book.

I contributed two high speed photographs to a Newsletter published internal  to Microsoft in 2000. The writer of the column referencing image distortions  caused by shutters was Andrew Glassner.

A photograph of mine was referenced in a Learning Channel show called "Grave  Evidence" on November 12, 1998 at 8pm. The show was part of a series of shows  devoted to medical/scientific (and in this case photographic) procedures used  by experts in forensic investigations.

An exhibit of 14 of my Peripheral and Phoenix process photographs was  published in the webzine POMEGRANATES during the week of December 4-11,  1997. 

Two high speed photographs (a splash of water and a bullet smashing a  tomato) were used as illustrations in the 1995 Calendar of the SPIE,  the International Society for Optical Engineering.

One image included in "Rocket!", a book by Richard Maurer published by  Crown Publishers. NYC, 1994. The high-speed flash photograph of a bullet exiting the muzzle of a rifle appears on page 17.

Contributed a high-speed video sequence of police pistols being fired  to the Japanese NTV program "Super Camera" and aired on Monday March  27, 1995 in the 7-9pm time slot on Nippon Television.

Popular Photography Magazine, July 1994 issue, p. 45 among winners of contest for innovative uses for single use cameras.

University Physics:Models and Applications, by Crummett/Western publised by William C. Brown, January 1994, I contributed three photographs.

INFRAROT-fotografie auf anderer wellenlange, a book by Rudolf Hillebrand published by Verlag Photographie, CH-8201, Scaffhausen, Germany, pp 54,56

LA FOLHA DE SAO PAULO, several photographs and interviews  published as a result of participation in III Studio Internacional de Tecnolgias de Imagem in Sao Paulo, Brazil. November 1993. 

The Unit Circle, published by The Unit Circle group of San Francisco, CA  in issue Number 2.

AMERICAN PHOTO magazine, November/December issue 1992, pp 19-20.

LA FOLHA DE SAO PAULO, several photographs and interviews  published as a result of participation in II Studio Internacional de Tecnolgias de Imagem. May 29 and June 19, 1991 in the  Informatica section, in June 7, 1991 in the Ilustrada section and in June 15 in the Folhinha Section. 

JORNAL DA TARDE, photographs and reviews as a result of work in  the II Studio exhibition. May 2 and June 5, 1991 in the Arts section.

IRISPHOTO, with article on the II Studio Internacional de  Tecnologias de Imagem, an art and technolgy exhibition held in Sao  Paulo, Brazil. This is a Brazilian photo magazine, June/July 1991  issue, #445, p. 33. 

PANORAMIC PHOTOGRAPHY, book by J. Meehan, Amphoto, 1991.  Contributed text and photographs on pp. 7-8, 102-107.

PHOTOGRAPHIC POSSIBILITIES a book by R. Hirsh published by Focal  Press in 1991. Contributed material on moving film stroboscopy on pp. 155-7.

PHOTO magazine of France January 1991 issue number 280, pp. 84-5.

AMERICAN PHOTO magazine Jan./Feb. 1991, Contest Issue, p.82.

OUTDOOR AND TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY magazine Summer 1989 issue. News  article and two photographs as part of a news item related to  strip photography.

THE CREATIVE CAMERA, a book by N. Howell-Koehler. Provided  technical information and two photographs on Slit Photography on  pp. 108-114.

PHOTO METRO, March 1989 issue dedicated to photography in  Rochester. One peripheral strip photograph published on p. 37.

WELCOME TO ROCHESTER, illustrations for book on Rochester  distributed in local hotels. Published by Ralph Peck of Grey Owl  Press in Buffalo.

A BURST OF CONTROVERSY, illustration for article on condom safety as part of article in Feb. 27, 1989 issue of TIME magazine, p. 56.

ARE CONDOMS SAFE?, article by editors of Consumer Reports magazine March 1989. Three 1 microsecond flash photos of bursting condoms.

EXAMINING VELAZQUEZ, book by McKim-Smith et al., with technical IR photographs by Andrew Davidhazy, Yale University Press, 1988.  Provided infrared photography related to study of six Velazquez  paintings.

PHOTOGRAPHY FOR THE SCIENTIST, in chapter on Infrared Photography by H. Lou Gibson. Contributed IR photographs to illustrate applications in examination of paintings.

INFRARED LUMINESCENCE RECORDING, examples for an article by  William Hyzer in Photomethods Magazine, July 1986 issue ,pp.46-7.

MATERIALS and PROCESSES of PHOTOGRAPHY, by Stroebel, Compton,  Current and Zakia, published by Focal Press, 1986.

SCIENCE 86 Appointment Calendar, Published by the American  Association for the Advancement of Science.

TIMES-UNION, Rochester newspaper, Thursday August 22, 1985. A 300 degree panoramic photograph of city of Rochester.

PHOTOMETHODS MAGAZINE,"Getting what you see" by George Berkowitz in the Images and Ideas section, June 1985 issue.

JOURNAL OF IMAGING TECHNOLOGY, photograph of, and with, a camera designed to make whole sky photographs and a brief description of  the camera in Vol. 11, Number 2, 1985, page 82.

INFRARED PHOTOGRAPHY and THERMOGRAPHY, article by Jerry O'Neill published in ITR & D of PHOTOMETHODS, November 1983, p.6.

INFRARED PHOTOGRAPHY, publication number M-28 of the Eastman Kodak  Company, 1981 printing.

ELECTRONIC FLASH, by James Bailey, by HP Books, 1983, p.64.

SCIENCE 82, a publication of the AAAS, June 1982 issue, pp. 44-45.

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WINDOW,a publication of the Window Press, Washington, D.C., Summer 1981 issue.

THE ATOM, a publication of the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratories, Los Alamos, NM, May 1976 issue.

PERCEPTION AND PHOTOGRAPHY, by Richard Zakia, Published by  Prentice-Hall, 1974.

THE PERCEPTION AND EVOCATION OF LITERATURE, by L. Roloff,  published by Scott-Foresman Co., 1973.

VIEW CAMERA TECHNIQUE, by L. Stroebel, Focal Press, 1967 and also on pages 72 and 285 in the 6th edition of this book.

NEW OPPORTUNITIES FOR DEAF STUDENTS handbook, published by  National Technical Institute for the Deaf, Rochester, NY, 1968.

WHY ALLENDALE handbook, published by Allendale School, Rochester, NY, 1970.  


Museum of Modern Art, New York, N.Y., Permanent Collection.

Barbara Morgan's private collection, Scarsdale, N.Y.


Charter Member of the International Association of Panoramic  Photographers, member of the Society of Photographic Scientists and Engineers, past Councillor and present Chairman of the Rochester Chapter Education Committee, member of SPIE, the International Society for Optical Engineering  and of the High Speed Photography, Videography and Photonics Working Group  within SPIE and RIT Liason to the Rochester Photo Historical Society Board of Directors.

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