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this is an email based forum located at the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences of RIT dedicated to the topic of photographic history

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Photohist-L is a small mail list on the Internet, consisting of about 100 members, dedicated to providing a platform for the discussion of topics related to the history of photography and serving the students and faculty of the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences as well as interested others worldwide.

The objective is be an open forum for the free exchange and sharing of information for the benefit of everyone. The list is not moderated and it depends on the good will and civility of its members to maintain a friendly and constructive atmosphere.

Note that there is a much larger list dedicated to photographic history on Yahoo. This one here is more of a local project but anyone globally is welcome to join.

Subscribing and Posting to the Photohist-L list

To subscribe send a one line message stating:
Subscribe Photohist-L "put-your-first-and-last-name-here"
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or select Subscribe Now! to obtain a preaddressed mail form.

You will need to confirm your intent to subscribe but once subscribed you can post messages to the list by sending them to the list's address which is: Photohist-L@listserver.isc.rit.edu or you can post directly from here using this preaddressed mail form.

  • While not directly associated with the Photohist-L mail list the HISTORY OF PHOTOGRAPHY is a large directory of individuals interested in the study and/or collecting of images, artifacts & anything of a photographic nature. Owned and operated by Prof. William Allen it is an archive of individuals worldwide with an interest in ' the history of photography. You can add your data there as well and become a part of the list.

  • Another related site is that of The Photographic Historical Society located in Rochester, NY.

  • You will also find the George Eastman House located in Rochester, NY as well.

    Fine points of working with the Photohist-L mailing list

    Beyond subscribing to the list, you can customize your mail delivery to get mail in the form of daily digests, stop mail delivery temporarily or signoff and request several other services by sending mail to: listserv@listserver.isc.rit.edu and stating any of the following requests singly or on separate lines. DO NOT include your name in these messages!
     UNSUBSCRIBE Photohist-L             (removes you from the list)
     SIGNOFF     Photohist-L             (removes you from list also)
     SET Photohist-L MAIL DIGEST         (for mail in digests = index + text)
     SET Photohist-L MAIL DIGEST-NOMIME  (as above but not MIME formatted)
     SET Photohist-L MAIL POSTPONE       (suspends mail delivery temporarily)
     SET Photohist-L MAIL ACK            (reactivates piecemeal delivery)
     SET Photohist-L                     (returns your list option settings)
     QUERY Photohist-L                   (also returns your list settings)

    Note: If you changed addresses such as by your service provider changing domains or something similar you will either have to figure out how to send mail from THE SAME address you subscribed with or contact the list's coordinator (andpph@rit.edu) for assistance. If your address changed you may also be denied posting privileges.

    If you need help or have any questions about the list send a message to Prof. Andrew Davidhazy, the Photohist-L listowner for prompt assistance.

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