Corporate connections of the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences at the Rochester Institute of Technology and the PhotoForum mail list.

Please note that there is no formal association between the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences and the PhotoForum mail list and any of the following corporations other than a desire on their part to promote photography and imaging in general and photographic education in particular. The companies below have agreed to have their logos and links included here and are listed below in alphabetical order.

Any corporation that simply recognizes the value and contributions to the photo/imaging industry of the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences or that of the PhotoForum list is eligible to be included in this listing. All a representative of such an organization has to do is request to be included.

At this time there are twenty five corporate "connections"! We are looking for some more! Contact Prof. Andrew Davidhazy if you would like to be listed as "friend" of this list or if you would like to establish a corporate connection with the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences as a whole or with a specific photo/imaging department.

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[Agfa-Gevaert logo]

Agfa-Gevaert is a global organization with 18 manufacturing centers, 38 national sales organizations and 120 representatives in countries all over the world. Their headquarters are located in Mortsel (Belgium), which is also the location of a major production plant. Other large manufacturing plants are located in Leverkusen (Germany) and Wilmington (USA).

Agfa-Gevaert is not only a manufacturer of consumer products such as photographic films but it also supplies all kinds of high-end "imaging" solutions including hardware, software and other digital imaging products. The Agfa-Gevaert Group also provides products for Prepress Systems, Medical Imaging and Industrial Imaging.

Bogen Photo Corporation

[Bogen Photo Corp. logo]

For over 35 years the Bogen Photo Corporation has been providing discriminating photographers with the finest equipment and is dedicated to supporting these products with a knowledgeable in-house staff. Bogen is the exclusive U.S. distributor for fine products by companies such as Manfrotto, Gitzo, Metz, LPA Design, Gossen, Avenger, Aurasoft, etc. as well as its own line of products.

Bogen products are sold through a network of over 2,000 photo and video retailers throughout the United States. For the name of the dealer nearest you and information on our professionally-designed products, please click on our corporate logo.

Calumet Photo

[Calumet Photo Corp. logo]

Calumet provides all types of photographers with a wide selection of the finest photographic tools of the trade. We are a high-volume, full-line, stock-house dealer for all major film manufacturers selling only film and paper made for the U.S.A. and supporting those products with up-to-date technical support and in-stock availability all the time.

Our Technical Sales Reps know more than just cameras--their experience covers the entire spectrum of photographic applications, from aerials to underwater, table-tops to mountain tops, formal portrait sittings to ceremonious nuptial parties, fine art pursuits to zoological studies.

Canon USA, Inc.

[Canon USA Inc. logo]

Canon U.S.A., Inc., headquartered in Lake Success, New York, is an industry leader in professional and consumer imaging equipment and information systems. Canon's extensive product line enables businesses and consumers worldwide to capture, store and distribute visual information. Canon products include full-color as well as black and white copiers; printers; micrographics and image filing systems; facsimile machines; calculators; cameras and lenses; camcorders; semiconductor, broadcast and optical equipment, and other specialized industrial products. Canon U.S.A., Inc. employs more than 11,000 people at more than 30 facilities throughout North, Central and South America and the Caribbean.


[Contax Cameras logo] [Kyocera logo] The Contax system incorporates a range of cameras including the G2, a precision 35mm autofocus rangefinder camera with interchangeable fixed focal length lenses and one unique zoom lens, precision 35mm SLR cameras and now also a 645 film format camera, all equipped with the Carl Zeiss T* line of high-performance camera lenses.

The Contax line of cameras is marketed by Kyocera Optics, Inc., a company rooted in the Yashica Camera Co., which was founded in 1957 and merged into the global Kyocera Group in 1983. Technologically, the company benefits from innovations developed not only by Kyocera and Yashica, but also by the Tomioka Optical Laboratory, founded in 1924; and Carl Zeiss, the world-renowned German lensmaker with a legacy dating back to 1846.

Eastman Kodak Company

[Eastman Kodak]

The Eastman Kodak Company - Take Pictures. Further - Our heritage has been and our future is to be the World Leader in Imaging. We are engaged in developing, manufacturing, and marketing consumer, professional, health, and other imaging products around the world.

The Company has four operating segments. Consumer Imaging deals with photographic film, paper, chemicals, cameras and photoprocessing equipment and services sold to consumers. Kodak Professional is associated with photographic film, paper, chemicals, and digital cameras sold to professional customers and to the Kodak Polychrome Graphics joint venture. Health Imaging concentrates on medical film and processing equipment sold to health care organizations. The Other Imaging segment relates to motion picture film sold to movie production and distribution companies; copiers, microfilm equipment and media, printers, scanners and other business equipment, document imaging software, and certain digital cameras and media.



Epson aims to enhance every aspect of people's lives. Quality products in harmony with the environment. While seeking harmony with nature, Epson directs its energies toward three main technological areas: Micro Artist, a precision processing technology similar to but more sophisticated than that used in manufacturing watches; color imaging, which provides comprehensive color solutions for every stage of color information processing; and energy-saving electronic devices. By integrating these three high-tech fields, EPSON is in an excellent position to produce high-quality, environment-friendly products that will become key players in the 21st century.

Fuji Photo Film USA

[fuji logo]

Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. - The Imaging & Information Company - exploring the furthest reaches of technology and continuing towards a dynamic imaging and information future. Established in 1965, Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc., is the U.S. marketing subsidiary of Tokyo-based Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd.

Based in Elmsford, NY, Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. is one of the nation's leading providers of imaging and information products. These include film, cameras, videotapes and audiotapes for consumers and professionals; chemical-free and environmentally-friendly color print system, photographic paper, minilabs, electronic imaging products, photofinishing services, computer and optical disks, data tapes and cartridges, computer accessories, microfilm, motion picture film, a complete range of products for the graphic arts industry, and more.



Over the last half-century, the Hasselblad System has earned a reputation for supreme image quality, versatility, unfailing reliability and obsolescence-proof engineering. Although the film magazines and other accessories are constantly being further developed and refined, or being replaced with improved models, the basic concept of our system is as valid today as it was in 1948 when the first Hasselblad camera was introduced.

The high precision, wide range of interchangeable accessories and quality in every part of the Hasselblad System ensure technically perfect images on the film, provide the photographer with a versatile and adaptable system as well as proven long-lasting reliability.



Ilford - Your Partners in Imaging - has been one of the foremost names in imaging for well over a century. It is an independent company, with key specializations in the development and manufacture of black and white and color photographic materials, digital inkjet products and digital photoprinting technology.

Committed to the highest quality at every level of production and service, the company enjoys a reputation for excellence that spans countries and continents. Conducting integrated research and development activities for dyes, inks and media used in inkjet printing, Ilford also offers a complete range of color papers and films for digital photographic applications.

Konica Photo Imaging


Since the introduction of its first roll of black-and-white film in 1929, Konica has consistently produced and marketed products and services that are on the cutting edge of the day's imaging technology. With years of marketing and manufacturing savvy, Konica is well suited to face the next millenium in the photographic and digital imaging arenas. And, as the company enters the next phase in consumer photography -- the Advanced Photo System -- Konica again displays its commitment to innovation with its own new cameras, film, digital imaging and developing equipment.

Konica Photo Imaging (Consumer Products), headquartered in Mahwah, NJ, is a leading manufacturer and marketer of Konica brand color print film, 35mm cameras, single-use cameras, color print paper, Nice Print minilabs, videotape and digital imaging systems.

Light Impressions

[Light Impressions]

Light Impressions supplies a variety of fine archival storage, display and presentation materials for your negatives, transparencies, CD's, photographs, slides, artwork and documents.



Leaf introduced the world's first digital camera back, the Leaf DCB, in 1992. Leaf continues to set the standard in digital imaging with the Leaf Valeo portable and in-studio digital camera backs. Designed to take advantage of existing medium and large format cameras from most leading manufactures, Leaf, a division of Creo, a world leader in imaging from capture to print, has been know as the innovator of new core technologies designed to enhance and simplify the process of digital capture. Leaf America is the exclusive sales and marketing company for Leaf in the United States



For over 50 years, Mamiya has been a name synonymous with excellence and innovation in professional photographic cameras and lenses. Mamiya's dedication to the professional and advanced amateur markets ranges from the original folding, compact Mamiya 6 rangefinder camera of the 1940's to the recent introduction of the Mamiya 7 - the worlds only 6x7 rangefinder camera with interchangeable lenses.

Mamiya is continually improving and refining the finest professional photographic products with state-of-art advancements such as superior apochromatic lens technology and practical, ergonomic camera design and function.

Noritsu America Corporation


Noritsu pioneered on-site photo processing technology and is a leader in the design and manufacture of photo processing and digital imaging systems. Formed in Japan as Noritsu Koki Co. Ltd., the company was the first to bring automated continuous processing equipment known as Quick Service Systems (QSS) to widespread use in the photographic market. That equipment gave the industry a quick, easy to use alternative to labor intensive manual procedures and marked the beginning of the Noritsu product line. The company began operations in the US in 1978, and has since continued to advance photofinishing technology, introduced new systems, and added innovative features to existing systems.



A world leader in the development and application of sophisticated optical technology, Olympus has created innovative solutions for consumers, health care and industry for over 80 years. From Japan's first microscope to the world's first Microcassette® recorder. From some of the most popular cameras in history to technology that tests 80% of the North American blood supply.


[PhotoJobs Database]

PhotoJobsDatabase is a company that produces software to help emerging and established photographers find freelance photography jobs, market their services, and create estimates, contracts and other important documents to successfully run their businesses..

Photographic Traditions of Maine


Photographic Traditions of Maine is a small company in Portland, Maine specializing in traditional fine art printing making Ilfochrome (formerly Cibachrome), Ektacolor, B&W and Platinum prints as well as hand processed B&W film services.



PixAround is a digital imaging software company that is wholly owned by Creative Labs. It was established in November 1999 with the vision of providing solutions that create superior 360-degree interactive experiences in digital imaging. Catering largely to Web marketers in the Real Estate and Travel industries, as well as hobbyists and consumers, PixAround offers products that support 360 degree interactive digital images and panoramic stitching and viewing software.



For more than four decades since the introduction of the Asahiflex I in 1952 (our first camera ever), Pentax has always been a technological leader and prominent contributor of the world's 35mm SLR camera industry and more recently, the 35mm compact zoom market. PENTAX's enthusiasm and devotion towards the development of high-quality products have thrived over the years and continues to be stronger than ever.

PHOTO Techniques

[photo techniques logo]

PHOTO Techniques is a photography magazine dedicated to professional photographers interested in articles on complete darkroom coverage, black and white photography, color photography, alternative processes and improving prints and slides. PHOTO Techniques is known for its buyer's guides on black & white film, color film, slide films, large format cameras, medium format cameras, 35mm cameras, photographic papers, and darkroom suppliers.

PhotoGraphics Supply Inc.


Photographics Supply, Inc. is the professional source for equipment and supplies to professional photographers, industrial photo departments, professional and amateur photo labs and government agencies. Photographics Supply was established in November 1963 and has been located in McKeesport, PA since that time. We have 25,000 square feet of warehouse space with an inventory of over 18,000 items.

Porter's Camera Store

[porters logo]

Porters Camera is a source shopped by photographers worldwide for more than 90 years. In fact since 1914. With 4700+ products in stock and ready to ship, Porter's offers high-quality products at competitive prices. On their website you will find a message board, photo contest, gallery, photo resources and more.



Satter is a division of Omega, the manufacturer and international distributor of Omega enlargers and King Concept tabletop processors. Satter is the distribution arm of Omega, providing photographic, video, and darkroom supplies to dealers across the United States and Canada. We are the exclusive U.S. distributors of: Forte Enlarging Papers and Films, Omega Enlargers and several other major products.

Scitex and Iris Graphics

[scitex logo] [iris graphics logo]

For the past 30 years, Scitex has compiled a list of industry firsts which remain second to none. With marketing, sales and support teams that span the globe, Scitex continues to challenge the industry in its quest to create compact, affordable systems that harness digital technology to solutions for graphics, preprint and print workflows.

A Scitex® company, Iris Graphics, Inc. is recognized internationally as the premier manufacturer of high-quality digital color printers and proofing systems. Iris continuous inkjet color printers are used worldwide by companies that require cost-effective, richly detailed, full-color output for a wide variety of applications.

SinarBron Imaging


Sinar Bron Imaging is the exclusive US distributor for the world's finest digital and conventional photographic equipment. Our goal is to provide photographers with the best we can possibly deliver in equipment, information, education and support. Main product lines include Sinar View Cameras, Broncolor Lighting, Leaf Digital Camera Backs and Foba Studio Accessories.


[Tamron logo]

Since its founding in 1950, Tamron has been a leader in the development of a wide range of imaging devices, all based on the company's expertise in optical technology and manufacturing innovations. It all began with the development of Tamron's renowned interchangeable lenses for 35mm single lens reflex (SLR) cameras. An acute understanding of consumer needs and a passion for overcoming challenges led to product concepts that evolved into new lenses thanks to Tamron's world-class capabilities in optics research and development. Also find Bronica cameras also included in Tamron's website.


[Westcott logo]

Westcott markets a complete line of light control accessories for professional image makers. Since Westcott entered the photography market 77 years ago, it has become a major innovator in devising light control products. With the company’s expansion into the film/video markets, this long-standing commitment to innovation has continued. Westcott offers a wide range of products designed for the lighting professional including light control systems, portable Chroma-Key and muslin backgrounds, Scrim Jim, Run & Gun and many other accessories.



Xerox - the document company - is a global company dedicated to providing solutions that simplify your work and make you more productive. Whether you're a small business or a global enterprise, Xerox offers products and services that can help your company improve its business processes, lower costs, increase clock speed and share crucial knowledge. These products and services make it easy for you to turn paper information into digital information, and vice-versa; to view, organize and share information in the form of digital documents; to send documents on networks throughout the office or around the world; and to print, publish, and copy them onto paper.

X-Rite Corporation


X-Rite is a technology company. It is the world's leading provider of sophisticated instruments and software for color and density measurement applications. These include corporate branding, medical diagnostics, consumer products, and on-line commerce.

X-Rite designs, manufactures and markets quality control instruments and software for companies in the paint, plastic, textile, photographic, graphic arts, and medical industries. Its wholly-owned subsidiary, Labsphere, is a leading supplier of integrating spheres, sphere systems, and reflectance coatings for the laboratory markets.

... more to come we hope!

[spas logo]

RIT 's School of Photographic Arts and Sciences is the host institution to the PhotoForum list and its various services.

The School of Photographic Arts and Sciences at RIT gratefully acknowledges the financial and other contributions that the corporate sponsors listed above provide to make photographic educational activities at our institution possible.

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