NEWTON - Italia - August 2000

This is an article that was published in a "popular" science magazine in Italy. It describes and illustrates many of the special photographic techniques that I introduce in my courses related to scientific and technical photography, from high speed applications to thermal, schlieren and peripheral recording systems. It appeared on pages 58-67 of the August 2000 issue. It was written by Monica Marelli and was based on several interviews conducted over the Internet. Click on small image to see an enlarged version (~20K each).

[Newton Photo]

Out of Sight - August 2000

These are some of my high speed photographs that appeared in a new book by Seymour Simon called Out of Sight, Pictures of Hidden Worlds. The book deals with unseen or unseeable phenomena and events in everyday life as well as unusual subjects in nature. Well worth getting the book or looking it up in a library! The photographs are on pages 31 through 35 of the book. Click on small image to see an enlarged version.

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