The History of Photography Group

The History of Photography Group, organized in October 1986, tries to facilitate communication among historians of photography by compiling a directory listing areas of interest and ways to make contact

This directory is being compiled by William Allen, Art Department, Arkansas State University PO Box 1920, State University, AR 72467 Choose his name to communicate with him by e-mail directly.

To access a searchable and updateable version of the list on the web go to:

For a plain text verson of the list go to:

You can also obtain a version from an FTP site at the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences at RIT

Finally, you can also obtain the list by e-mail, send mail to: and making sure the subject line of the mail is HPG-LIST simply ask for it in the body of the message.

HISTORY OF PHOTOGRAPHY GROUP directory - Information and Registration Procedure

Anyone may join the list who has an interest in the History of Photography If you do decide to join the list note that the information contained in the HPG Directory is available to anyone net-wide who chooses to access it This may influence how much contact information you provide. But remember that with less information it may be more difficult for someone interested in your field to contact you.

To add yourself to the directory or update an entry simply fill out the form below and select the SUBMIT button below to forward the information to the compiler of this list.

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If you want to send this information by snail mail (postal service!) then send it to:
William Allen
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Arkansas State University
State University, AR 72467

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