James McMillion Jr.
Professor Emeritus,  School of Photographic Arts and Sciences, RIT

James McMillion Jr., Professor Emeritus, School of Photographic Arts and Sciences. Helped establish the Photofinishing Management Program and was awarded the first James E. McGhee Distinguished Professorship in Photographic Management in 1967.

Jim taught Photo 1 for many years and is remembered fondly by countless students who had him as an instructor in this and other courses that he taught during his career in SPAS. John Retallack relates: "Jim was my Photo One Prof. He taught the course along with Tom Wilson. It was a great experience.".

He had a ready smile for everyone and we all remember him for his concern for students, his dedication to the Photofinishing Department, his contributions to the PMA and the photographic industry, and his overall good humor.

We'll miss you, Jim!

December 19, 2003