Andrew Davidhazy

Some sample stroboscopic photographs - all are about 4000 pixels wide and
as TIFFs they are about 20 MB apiece - as LZW TIFFs about 6 MB  and as JPGs about 2 MB

                                                                         wallace-6718                                                                                                                          wallace-6640

                                                        wallace-6678                                                                                                                     wallace-6743

                                                                  wallace-6637                                                                                                              wallace-6775

                                                                  wallace-6772                                                                                                                wallace-6738

               robbana-IMG_7102                                                                         robbana-IMG_7093

         robbana-EA4U1288                                                           robbana-EA4U1315

robbana-EA4U1300                                                                     robbana-EA4U1307

 robbana-EA4U1320                                                                                                    wallace-6709

               blue dancer stroboscopy

                                                                                             jumping boy stroboscopy                                                                               wallace stroboscopic arms