Interference Colors in Thin Soap Films
Photographs of a thin film of soap bubble liquid (basically dishwashing detergent diluted in water with a bit of glycerine added) and held in a wire frame. The photographs were made from close range and with a tilt-capable lens adjusted for Scheimpflug condition to compensate for tilted soap film surface to extend depth of field.

copyright 2009 - Andrew Davidhazy -

soap-film-9164A soap-film-9165A soap-film-9166A soap-film-9280A soap-film-9299A soap-film-9309A
soap-film-9323A soap-film-9345A soap-film-9353A soap-film-9410A soap-film-9414A soap-film-9431A
soap-film-9438A soap-film-9463A soap-film-9476A soap-film-9479A soap-film-9480A soap-film-9720A
soap-film-9721A soap-film-9772A soap-film-9926A soap-film-9927A soap-film-9928A soap-film-9959A