.22 caliber LR bullet impact on fruit

photographs by Prof. Andrew Davidhazy

This is a "contact sheet" of photographs made with a .22 caliber supersonic LR bullets on various fruits such as apples, lemons, limes, etc. They are copyrighted by Andrew Davidhazy, email: andpph@davidhazy.org and are available for licensing to interested parties. Contact Prof. Davidhazy by email at andpph@davidhazy.org and you can see more of his photography on his website at andpph.com. If interested in any of these photographs mention its or their number in an email sent to him at address given above.

Unauthorized use or copying of any of these images is prohibited unless given written permission by Prof. Davidhazy

bullet, explosion, fruit, impact, lemons, apples, limes, high speed, photographs

These photograph were made with a .22 caliber single shot breech loading rifle on Vericlor III film and with three EG&G 549 microflash units synchronized in unison. Exposure time was less than 1 millionth of a second.