The RIT International Photo School Database

This list has not been updated in quite some time due to the fact that we have lost the services of the faculty member who used to look after this project. If you find a reference to your school that is incorrect or if you would like to add your school to this database, please fill out the following questionnaire.

Please note that this is a publicly available list and is being maintained right now on a minimum effort basis. Changes or updates may take a little time to make it to the document. The person who currently oversees this project is Professor Andrew Davidhazy, with whom you can communicate by email at:

Currently the databank is available as a single "huge" file or as eight smaller ones. The first seven files are listings of US institutions of higher education that offer courses or programs related to photography. At this time the file contents are arranged roughly in alphabetical order by state with Alaska in file 1 and Wyoming in file 7. Some listings are regularly updated and some schools are not very responsive. Note the date at the end of each listing to see when we heard from the school last.

The "non-us" file contains schools outside the United States. If you ask for the "full" file you will get it all in one fell swoop.

Anonymous FTP requests for these files

Login as user anonymous and use your e-mail address as password to: then proceed to pub/ritphoto/college_list


The School of Photographic Arts and Sciences is one of the oldest and foremost institutions of photographic education in the world. It started teaching courses in photography in 1902 (while RIT was still the Rochester Mechanics Institute and Atheneum) and granting undergraduate academic degrees related to photographic studies in 1953. It is comprised of 6 major departments and 9 different programs leading to AAS, BFA, BS and MFA degrees.

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