Listing of Photo/Imaging groups with an educational connection

Please note that there is no formal association between this list and any of the following organizations. The only connection is an interest in similar subject matter. The description files and membership forms may or may not have been provided by the organizations themselves. The material is intended to help and you should check the accuracy with each group.

The Photo Imaging Educators Association

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This is a group sponsored by the Photo Marketing Association. Its charter is to serve the members of the educational community through the dissemination and exchange of information related to photographic and imaging education. Additional details about PIEA can be obtained from their WWW address highlighted above.

The University Photographers Association of America

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This association is dedicated to serving university photographers nationwide. Additional details about the UPAA can be obtained from their WWW site reachable by choosing their name above

The Association of Texas Photography Instructors (ATPI)

[atpi logo] The Association of Texas Photography Instructors (ATPI) provides information and resources to teachers and students that work with photography, whether in Art, Journalism, Industrial Technology or Vocational curriculum areas.

ATPI publishes a quarterly newsletter sent to all members and to others interested in news about photography or the association. This glossy publication annually showcases some of the best student and teacher work in Texas and is currently sent to 500 individuals and companies. In short, ATPI, a Texas non-profit organization, works to help the photography instructors of all disciplines work to achieve a higher quality of knowledge and teaching of photography

National Press Photographers Association (NPPA)

[nppa logo] The National Press Photographers Association is dedicated to the advancement of visual journalism, its creation, practice, training, editing and distribution, in all news media and works to promote its role as a vital public service.

NPPA encourages visual journalists to reflect high standards of quality in their professional performance and in their personal code of ethics. NPPA vigorously promotes freedom of the press in all its forms. To this end, NPPA provides continuing educational programs and fraternalism without bias, as we support and acknowledge the best the profession has to offer.

The American Society of Media Photographers

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The ASMP brings together photographers from every discipline. Advertising, annual reports, architecture, corporate, editorial, fashion, medical, special effects, sports and stock are but a few of the over twenty-five specialties listed by members in the ASMP membership Directory. ASMP publishes information for its members on a regular basis. It designs and stages seminars across the country through its network of chapters in most of the major cities.

The Photographic Society of America

[psa logo] The Photographic Society of America is the world's largest and most influential organization devoted exclusively to development and support of photography as an art and science. There are approximately several thousand individual members distributed over all 50 States, 11 Canadian Provinces, and most other countries, with PSA Chapters meeting on a regular basis in many areas of the country. In addition, PSA also reaches hundreds of thousands photographers belonging to member Camera Clubs and of regional and metropolitan Camera Clubs.

Photographic Society of America Electronic Imaging Division

[electronic imaging division psa logo] The Photographic Society of America Electronic Imaging Division web site provides services to PSA members who use digital imaging techniques as a tool in their photographic imaging process and describes the services and activities that are available from the division's volunteer workers. The site also includes a member exhibition gallery of digital images.

The Society for Photographic Education (SPE)

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This Society was founded in 1963 by respected photographers, critics, historians and educators such as Nathan Lyons, John Szarkowski, Aaron Siskind and Henry Holmes Smith to promote the teaching and practice of photography in colleges and universities. The Society for Photographic Education is a non-profit, membership organization that provides a forum for the discussion of photography as a means of creative expression and cultural insight. Through its programs and publications, the Society seeks to promote a wider public understanding of the medium in all its forms, and to foster the development of its practice, teaching, scholarship and criticism.

Professional Photographers of America (PPA)

[ppa logo] What PPA can do for photographers varies depending on their level of education, expertise, business & marketing ability, and what benefits/programs they are interested in. Many of our 14,000 members tell us that the items listed below are what they value most from the association.

Education - this has always been a major priority of the association. Education through the Winona School, the 14 Winona Affiliated schools across the country, three Super Mondays, local seminars and workshops, our convention and even monthly updates and articles through the Professional Photographer magazine which comes with membership. In addition our members value Networking opportunities with other members, Protection, Certification, Merit & Degree programs and Promotion activities.

During 1997 PPA will spend over $250,000 in direct consumer advertising to generate referrals for members. Other key marketing tools include, the "storyteller" program, the Winfield, in depth consumer market study, Marketing Tool Kits, and Positive Image newsletter. Our bottom line is simple, we want you to be the finest and most successful photographer you can be.

International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum

[iphf logo] The mission of the Photography Hall of Fame is to promote public education of the innovators, technologies, and arts of photographic imaging. The International Photography Hall of Fame & Museum is the result of a project begun in 1965 by the Photographic Art and Science Foundation (PASF). PASF was originally created by the Professional Photographers of America as a central organizing group that would provide educational scholarships and promote photographic history by inducting individuals into a Photography Hall of Fame. It is now located in the Kirkpatrick Center Museum Complex in Oklahoma City. Now with nearly 14,000 square feet, visitors may enjoy several of the antique cameras and diverse photographs from the Hall of Fame's permanent collection in addition to traveling exhibits from around the world.

The History of Photography Group

The History of Photography Group, organized in October 1986, tries to facilitate communication among historians of photography through the following directory, listing areas of interest and ways to make contact. Many members are active collectors of photographic items.

BioCommunications Association, Inc. (BCA)

[bca logo] The BCA is the source of education and expertise for all users and producers of communication media in the life sciences. With educational resources, programs and materials; with a network of colleagues able to offer advice and support, the BCA is equipped to address your professional needs. If you are concerned with effective visual communication in the life sciences, there is a place for you in the BCA.

Because we believe the greatest benefit of knowledge is not the securing of it, but the sharing of it with others, we invite your participation.

The BCA is also the certifying body of the prestigious Registered Biological Photographer distinction. Obtain further details about this certification program HERE!

New Jersey Photography Forum

[njpf logo] New Jersey Photography Forum is a not for profit group that offering an opportunity for professional photographers, photo educators and serious amateurs to meet and discuss their work, share expertise, advance skills and explore exhibit possibilities within the fine art community. The group meets monthly at The Visual Arts Center Of New Jersey, 68 Elm Street, Summit, NJ.

The membership comes from all areas of the state and as a group we have tremendous variety in style and photographic technique. There are several recurring themes in our work, such as: Nature, Environment, Architecture, Heritage and Culture.

Professional Photographers Association of New Jersey (PPANJ)

[ppanj logo] The PPANJ is a New Jersey State Affiliate of the PPA. We offer a FREE Student Membership to Seniors and Graduates who are College Photography Majors for 18 months. All members are entitled to attend any and all monthly meetings, Full day Statewide Education Programs, Member Workshops, use of the Video Library, and the State convention. As a Student member they will receive the monthly newsletter, get a membership directory, and be exposed and get to meet and mingle with working professional photographers.

The PPANJ is also the host state for the Winona Affiliate school MARS (Mid-Atlantic Regional School of Photography) located in beautiful Cape May, NJ. Applications and information about membership can be found on the PPANJ web site and you can also print out a membership application while you are on line.

We hope that you will see the many benefits for your photography students who will be residing in the NJ/NY/PA area after graduation.

International Association of Panoramic Photographers - IAPP

[iapp logo]
The IAPP is a worldwide organization of photographers working in the field of panoramic photography. The IAPP publishes a highly respected journal featuring articles by amateur and professional photographers and camera builders. The organization also conducts regional as well as major annual conferences that draw participants from many parts of the world.

Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI)

[wppi logo] Wedding & Portrait Photographers International was established in 1973 in response to industry-wide demands for an organization devoted solely to the special interests of wedding and portrait photographers. WPPI offers special benefits to these photographers including discounted insurance packages, the WPPI Monthly--the association's monthly newsletter, print and album competitions throughout the year, and discounted rates on WPPI's Annual Convention and Trade Show.

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The Rochester Institute of Technology's School of Photographic Arts and Sciences is the host institution to the PhotoForum and its various services. It offers BFA, BS and MFA programs in a wide variety of photography and imaging related fields.

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