Office Memo                                                                    Rochester Institute of Technology
                                                                                       One Lomb Memorial Drive
                                                                                       Rochester, New York 14623

To:  Dean Harold Alford
From:  Andrew Davidhazy
Date:  June 17, 1975

As a response to your request for individual input on what our opinions are about our future roles and our proposed plans for the coming year, I have first listed some of the administrative details related to my job and some of the things I have done in the past year. Second, I have proposed a general plan of what I would like to do in the future and added a few comments about reorganization in this College.

Day to day responsibilities include such things as student counseling and career advisement, adjunct faculty recruitment and hiring, determination of need for student assistants and their just adjudication to courses or areas that need them, scheduling of models and control over the proper use of models by the faculty, faculty meetings and classroom visits, interviews with students, recommendations for salary increments, expedient and proper ordering of supplies for all courses but especially metalcrafts, textiles, ceramics and photography, course scheduling, general promotion through the Communications department, registration of students when needed, distribution of class lists and grade reports and the gathering and return of this information to the Registrar, inform the adjunct faculty of procedures regarding contracts, grades, changes in grades, field trips, accident reports, safety and other questions they often have about proper and efficient operations, answer in person and phone questions regarding course content, faculty, cost, supplies required, textbooks, cameras or equipment required.

In addition to the above, I evaluate portfolios and past experience of photography and art students to either grant credit for these towards a degree or diploma or to waive prerequisites for students entering advanced subject areas. I write and help adjunct faculty prepare proficiency examinations. I also help with cotirse proposals and explain format requirements and possible financial support available.

Memo: June 17, 1975 To: Dean Harold Alford - Page two

I write annual reports and other periodic reports to explain operations within the Division of Arts and Graphic Arts and also request Institute funds for support of Continuing Education programs.

There are many other details which I do not recall at this moment but all of which are geared to either helping students or faculty at RIT interact more effectively and efficiently.

The following examples of what I have done last year are only a partial list and include only those which I feel are to some extent not related to the daily, weekly and monthly routine associated with the administrative operations of the Division of Arts and Graphic Arts:

Developed an audio visual program about the evening arts program and transported it and set it up and manned it at the Midtown Plaza Building and at Eastview Mall.

I diagnosed the trouble and repaired the kiln at the Metro Art Center three times.

Helped Peter Vogelaar move pottery wheels, tables and other equipment from room to room at the Metro Art Center.

Designed and produced posters and announcements for the Student Shows and annual art sales at the Metro Art Gallery.

Kept the local newspapers and radio stations informed of events at the Metro Art Gallery and the student showcase, often delivering news releases at midnight for early morning deadlines.

Became a member of the Rochester Audio Visual Association and I attend their meetings regularly.

Became a member of the Society of Photographic Scientists and Engineers and helped put together a major portion of the Society's display and demonstration booth at St. John Fisher's High School Science Exploration Days.

Repaired four Time 0 Lite timers used in the Introduction to Photography course.

Treck, Inc., a Buffalo firm, loans to RIT specialized electrostatic apparatus for use in the Electrostatic Imaging course. I was instrumental in setting up this arrangement and I pick up, check out and return the equipment.

Memo: June 17, 1975 To: Dean Harold Alford - Page three

I redecorated the Student Showcase.

Wrote a short article about the Metro Art Center which was published in "Scene" the official Rochester Arts Council's newspaper.

I guest lectured for no pay on peripheral photography on two occasions for a day college class.

I wrote and disseminated news releases on specific courses offered by the Division of Arts and Graphic Arts.

My work received a joint first prize in the Pennsylvania State University's "Science in Art, Art in Science" exhibition.

My work was accepted in the Everson Museum Regional show.

A photograph by me was published in "Perception", a book by Richard Zakia, published by Prentice Hall.

I gave three presentations to high school students of the Rochester area on the topic of High Speed Photographic Appli¬cations.

I built, with Peter Vogelaar's assistance, six 4 X 8 foot display modules for use in the Metro Art Gallery.

I built a workbench and table around a sink at the Metro Art Center.

I organized and promoted and supervised a CCE student/faculty trip to Toronto. Surjit Singh lined up the artists we visited.

On a professional basis, I taught a course in Photographic Instrumentation for the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences.

I normally teach one half of the Photographic Instrumentation day in a quarterly seminar on the Photographic Process as a Scientific Instrument offered by the Graphic Arts Research Center.

I was instrumental in the donation of a "corner case" by Sibley's to our Display Design course. I picked it up personally from their loading dock and transported it to the classroom.

Memo: June 17, 1975 To: Dean Harold Alford  - Page four

I built a display case for the Display Design course because it was badly needed and the supplier of a finished one was out of stock (and too expensive, besides).

I attended social events offered by the College of Fine and Applied Arts and the School of Photography to bring the presence of C.C.E. to their attention.

I attend regularly the weekly meetings of the Photographic Science faculty.

I am on the NTID Photography and Printing advisory committees.

I have worked together with Lauralee Over on projects of community interest.

For much of the last school year I have made myself available for student advising twice a week rather than just once, and most of the time I have not taken time off the regular day for those extra hours.

I have interviewed about 25 prospective faculty members mainly in the field of art.

I have organized modeling sessions so that we would always have an adequate pool of available models on hand. In addition, I have photographed and kept up a file on them for use by our faculty.

I organized statistical studies of our student enrollment and kept up a chart indicating enrollment activity.

I designed and administered (and my secretary tabulated) a fall faculty evaluation by students. This was designed to expedite the tabulation so that a computer would be unnecessary.

The darkrooms at 50 W. Main St. have been kept operational and supplied by,me since there are no support facilities for this activity in that building.

I have controlled the use of six cameras by evening students who do not own one.

I have written a proposal for a new course in photography called Color Photography Workshop.

Memo: June 17, 1975 To: Dean Harold Alford - Page five

I have slowly built up a mailing list for information relating to arts, crafts, photography and printing. This includes area art and craft shops, members of photographic societies, upstate printing shops, local papers and radio stations, art students, etc.

I have encouraged Surjit and Peter to become more visible in the community and collaborated with them in setting up a show of faculty and student work at the Chatterbox Club.

Built three tapestry looms for the weaving students.

Provided equipment to evening instructors by contacting appropriate day school departments. I picked up and returned these items.

I went with Peter Vogelaar to the house of a student who was ill to help evaluate the work that she had been doing in the past and to encourage her to continue with her art endeavor.

Prepared a list of materials needed in every professional photography course to be used by the Eastman Kodak Company for purposes of student reimbursement.

I helped out the Electrical Department by making for them a silk screen for use on a new electronic instrument.

Designed and produced new worksheets for the four degree programs offered by the Division.

Was instrumental in the donation by the Xerox Corporation of three Monroe electrostatic volt meters and a Model D copying system.

I made 24 signs for the Dean which read "Please close door after using".

I like my job, responsibilities and relationships with my colleagues the way they are. It is one of the reasons I came here. I also feel that I contribute a great deal to maintaining good relationships with the day colleges which offer programs in subjects similar to ours. I think that I am helpful in keeping the full time faculty of this Division working somewhat in unison and for the same goal. There is good rapport among us and I would like to continue to help in making our ideas about RIT's contribution to the arts in the Rochester area become reality.

Memo: June 17, 1975 To: Dean Harold Alford - Page six

My relationship with the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences is a well established one and I feel it has been beneficial to them and to the CCE in terms of relaxed operations, a greater understanding of each other's purpose and greater use of each other's expertise in promotion and recruitment and the acceptability of transfer credit from one college to the other. This has been accomplished by my work with Dr. Ronald Francis of the Photographic Science Department, with Professor Walter Elling in the general photographic areas, with Professor Archibald Provan of the School of Printing and Mr. William Siegfried of the Graphic Arts Research Center.

As some of the routine procedures have been simplified, streamlined and improved by me internally and by other departments externally, I have become more free to devote time to community activities and in this regard have enjoyed establishing relationships with the Rochester Arts Council, the Company Training Department at Eastman Kodak, the Society of Photographic Scientists and Engineers, the Photographic Society of America and within RIT, I have worked with Lauralee Over of the Community Relations Office.

I have also been able to devote more time to further work in peripheral photography and am starting to organize a series of lecture demonstrations on simplified high speed instrumentation with the eventual goal of publishing them in booklet form.

My plan for the immediate future is to try not to become discouraged by the feeling that anything I may plan for today could be easily discontinued in the future. I hope that this present period of discouragement will be overcome and then I would like to continue doing and planning and being involved in every area I am interested in.

Specifically, I will strive to continue to provide support activities of any kind necessary to insure better communication and understanding between our students, faculty, other administrators and the community. I will help the full time and adjunct faculty in the general fields of art, craft, photography and printing in every way possible to help improve the quality of teaching and minimize intercollegiate stresses. I will try to make sure that each course and each new endeavor receives proper support from everyone concerned. I will investigate more efficient methods of budgeting and accounting for all our courses without jeopardizing the content or limiting the scope to the detriment of our students. As some of the routine aspects of my job become lessened, I will continue to work and experiment in the fields of photographic instrumentation and peripheral photography.

Memo: June 17, 1975 To: Dean Harold Alford  - Page seven

I think that in light of the fact that everyone seems to admit that the College of Continuing Education at RIT is one of the best in the nation, to implement a change of the proportions which are presently discussed may be somewhat premature.

I am not opposed to change but I like to have someone or something stable to relate to. Although things may change, I do not want to think of that possibility at all times. An individual may be expendable or replaceable but for him to live in constant realization of that fact is an unhealthy way to live one's life.

Andrew Davidhazy
Director, Arts and Graphic Artts
College of Continuing Education