Photographs and text related to David Shusta's Heritage
"Adria I" (Hull Number 3) sailboat located in Arizona

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Received: March 20, 2021: 

Beach Bum
Date: Tue, Mar 23, 2021 6:36 am
To: ""

Mr. Davidhazy - My name is David Shusta. I recently purchased what I believe to be the original Adria #1 (Hull number 3). I have been looking at the Heritage 20 website. Please feel free to contact me my cell # is 520-370-0763 my email is I would be very happy to speak to whomever is most interested in finding out if this is Andrew Davidhazy's previous personal sailboat( hull #3) that he traded the design work for. I have lots of pictures of the sailboat as it sits on her trailer here in Tucson, Az. I hope to hear back from you. Sincerely, David Shusta

... and on March 30 David wrote this addition: Hello Andy. I have intended to get back to you sooner. I have been going through the daunting task of getting what seems to be some 30 odd years of combined dust, grime, and paint chips out of the interior. I have taken everything that I possibly could out of the interior. I took my time, and made sure to seperate the good from the bad. I swept up as much as I could. She is now ready for me to powerwash the empty interior. I found the definitive pieces to be 100 % certain that this is indeed your father's sailboat. I have what is left of the name plaques that also held the port and starboard running lights! The receptical plugs are still on both sides of the midship decks, where they were connected to the 12 volt running lights. These plaques were tied between the shrouds. They were probay made to mimic the old oil burning running lights of the past. It must have been quite beautiful watching the red and green light glowing off the name Adria on each plaque.

What are my plans for Adria? Right now I am just cleaning her up as best as possible. I will only be making repairs that will not change the original aesthetics and unique style of your father's original layout. I will come to a point where I will have to decide which direction to go with her. As she is now, she could be brought back to her 100% original glory. I think that she deserves the chance to be lovingly restored to original. I would love to find someone who would be interested in doing just that. Otherwise, if I keep her for myself, I would have to make several changes to her to make her more comfortable and affordable for me. I would have to paint her something other than black. I live on a small Caribbean Island called Roatan. At 40 miles north of The Honduran mainland, and 16 degrees north of the equator, it gets very hot and humid. I also spend time in Tucson, Arizona and San Diego, California. I lived aboard dozens of sailboats in San Diego for about 20 years. These were the best years of my life. I brought my now 13 year old son David Troy Shusta Jr. to visit The States in October of 2019 to work on his English. Long story short, we are still here some 17 months later! The Covid-19 pandemic was something that caught us by surprise big time! We have made the best of it, and have spent time tra eling between Tucson, San Diego, Portland, Oregon and Oahu, Hawaii. We have been very fortunate. I will include several pictures of the various states of repair of Adria. I enjoy speaking on the phone much more than comunicating via email. My cell # is 520-370-0763 I am available for calls at pretty much anytime. I often read quite late before I sleep. So don't be afraid of calling late.

I hope that you are doing well, and that you will be able to get in some great sailing days on your Adria. Take care, and stay in touch. Sincerely, Dave Shusta

additional photos and text related to David's Adria 1 Heritage will be added as soon as these become available.