Photographs and text related to Mark Raine's

"Nutty" Heritage sailboat located in Ketchikan, Alaska

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The story of Nutty ...

Dear Andrew,

We are the current owners of hull #4  originally named "Nutty".  #4 was built in 1966 and purchased by Mr Bill Francis then in SanDiego .    Mr Francis was a merchant mariner and with the company of his very good friend sailed the Nutty to Hawaii sometime in the early 70s.   The boat was shipped back to the mainland and made its way up to the Puget Sound ( now referred to as the Salish Sea ) and remained relatively unused until it was purchased by my good friend Mr Tom Supple around 1996. 

Tom brought the boat to Bainbridge Island where failing engine issues prompted an intent to repower which included removing the old engine and purchasing a new Yanmar 1GM10.  Circumstance of indecision regarding in water vs on trailer engine installation put the project on hold and the boat sat under cover for about 15+ years.  After several years of urging on my part and proctoring on his part, Tom agreed to sell Nutty to me.  We exchanged tokens in July 2013 and in the fall she was shipped up to Ketchikan, Alaska.

With great enthusiasm and careful research and planning we should have Nutty in the water this fall.  This list of projects has not been particularly long but an attempt to attend to detail of repair and replacement that such a well built boat deserves has delayed the launching.  I would enjoy the participation in a owners group and be happy to share my pictures and project notes.  Keep me informed.

My contact information:

Mark Raine
PO Box 6484
Ketchikan, Alaska  99901


Mark Raine

Below are photographs of this vessel early in her life when she belonged to Bill Francis and then to Tom Supple - Notice she has three windows ... rather unique maybe??
    This is Nutty probably when she was with Bill Francis

This bit of information about this Heritage from Barry Rietz:

The top two photos are of the same Heritage 20.  The vessel name is "Nutty" and was owned by Bill Francis who not only was a 30 year sailing buddy of mine, but was also close with Howie Renner.  The left-hand photo was taken at the Kettenburg Yacht Yard in San Diego around 1985.  The top photo on the right was taken at San Carlos, Mexico (near Guymas) around 1988.  And I believe I may have taken this photo while sailing with Bill that year!

     This is Nutty probably when she was with Tom Supple

These two photos appear to also be of "Nutty" somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.  Alternatively they may have been from my albums and were taken at the city marina, Olympia, Washington during one of my summer forays to that region.  They of course would be without owners name or history since it was nothing more than a rest stop (the marina) through Olympia on way to Everett.


additional information about this Heritage:

Andy;   Because Bll Francis was 15 years my senior, and moved to Washington state late 1990's, I suspect Bill and his wife Betty are both gone. I saw Bill and crew-person off from San Diego on the 200th anniversary of our Country.  And that was the 4th of July, 1976 by the way.  They had a great passage to Hawaii and after several weeks sailing the islands, NUTTY was shipped back to San Diego.


Additional information of a historical nature or from the current owner is most welcome!!
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