Photographs and text related to Grant McConchies Bunyip
but current owners unknown

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Hi Andy, Long time since I contacted you I know, sorry about that. Here is an old shot i just came across, #9 in Puget sound around 1982-3. Dark green hull. We bought the tender that is seen in your photo's from Howard Renner (we lived 1 mile from him). This hull has not been heard of since I sold it. No idea where it went. Grant McConchie.

This sailboat is currently for sale as per letter below

From: Ross Jones <>
Hi Andy:   My Name is Ross Jones.   Is there a good palace to market a Hertiage 20?   I am helping sell a beautiful Heritage 20, for a friend, it has been in his shop for 15 to 20 years.  I am looking at it today and will have more information later. My contact is 360-704-0300.  or

You can also see her listed in Seattle Craig's List at:




Additional information of a historical nature or from the current owner is most welcome!!
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