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Hi Andrew.
My name is Kim Matthews. I acquired Heritage #9 from Robert Hale in early June of this year.

Robert applied for a vessel title to the boat in November of 1989 (when purchasing the boat, I assume from Grant McConchie). The HIN on this title was WA 26973C1973, but was changed to WNZ38301F222 to comply with standard HIN identification when I titled the vessel. The boat remained in Robert’s workshop for many years (10, 15…more?). He had renamed the vessel Ms. Willie (after his wife Willita…formerly named Bunyip?). The home port was Olympia, WA. He was working on upgrading and refitting the vessel, however health issues lead to the sale of the boat.

The boat came with an unused and not-yet-installed Yanmar 1GM10 Diesel engine, a new installed fuel tank, a relatively new taped aluminum mast (and boom), a somewhat gutted/restored interior, a ‘95 EZ loader trailer (never dipped in water) and a Howard Renner tender…and interestingly, a set of original Northwin sails (now 49 years old!).

The vessel is now sitting on its trailer, at my home in Port Townsend, WA, where I will continue its refit/restoration.

Any advice from Heritage 20 owners would be greatly appreciated as I need to craft an engine bed, install the engine, upgrade and finish electrical work and shop for a set of sails.

Fair winds,

Here are some photographs of this sailboat when it was recently purchased by Kim Matthews.




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