Photographs and text related to James Lawrence's
"Minka" Heritage sailboat located in Connecticutt

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material will be added here as soon as received. For now here is the intro from James:


Hello Andrew, Last year, I acquired from Kenny Hopkins, MINKA, Heritage 20 sailboat. Though I have sailed for many years, I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you on the phone, when convenient for you,  as a way to to become oriented to this wonderful little yacht and to your Heritage Page.

Thanking you in advance for a few minutes of your time! Regards, Jim Laurence

Photographs and text related to Kenny Hopkins'

"Minka" Heritage


January 07, 2017 update from Kenny Hopkin and Minka #17 in Florida. Good news regarding Minka. Some good luck has come my way and I will not be selling Minka. Also, after a lot of research I have built a single handed mast raising system for her. Mast is up and sails are hanked on. I have no genoa and was curious where you found your red and white one? I would like to find a used one in decent shape. I also have copies of Howies blue prints/ line drawings that lists all sail and build information.

All of the work I have been doing to her should be coming to an end in the next month or so. Then her/my 1st shakedown cruise. I have promised my grandsons that I will trailer her up to the Chesapeake bay in late May early June for a month, then on to North Haven, Maine to sail with friends on the island.

I'll try and get pics and video of her first trailer launch in 30 stay tuned. How is progress on Gabriella coming?

Kenny Hopkins

to which Andy Davidhazy replied: Hi Kenny, Good to hear these news! sounds like you have an exciting adventure ahead this year. I would be interested in particular to see what kind of system you set up to raise the mast.

The red striped "drifter" (light weight oversized genoa) came with the boat from Steve Cassella. I don't know where he got it from. The specs for it were not with the Heritage drawings as far as I know. They did show a spinaker though if I recall. Not sure if there were specs for it.

Work on the Adria is at a standstill. I think we will not do any updates on her. Our sailing season last year was pretty good. Hopefully things will be similar this year. I'd like to be on a calmer body of water but not convinced to move to a "finger" lake ... although a few are sizeable. We are Lloking forward to stories and photos of you progress. You may have read that Christy is moving to San Juan island in the PNW. And taking her Aeolus with her and looking forward to sailing there.

Heritage One is in Austin in storage. My older son has great plans for her but one problem is the lack of expertise to refurbish/operate the inboard Westerbeke engine. No experienced sailboat diesel engine mechanics in Austin! So we will see what "develops" with her.Well, congratulations and fair winds be with you!!


In spite of the fact that Minka is not for sale it is interesting to see the complement of equipment that Kenny Hopkins
as cataloged at the time that Minka was being prepared for a possible sale!

Minka is Heritage hull #17 built in 1979.  She has spent most of her life indoors.
Interior and all bilge and hidden areas are freshly painted and super clean.
She has new fresh wiring and electronics including:
New Airmar shoot through hull depth transducer and guage.
New Plastimo mini contest compass
New 900 gph bilge pump
New ICOM VHF w/DSR radio & new wire/antenna.
New navigation lights all around.
2 -new 12v electrical panels.
Newmar dual bank battery charger and Vetus mushroom vent.
Full compliment of sails and spares & black anodized mast/boom. Newer standing rigging.
8hp 1998 Evinrude 2 stroke extra long shaft outboard with heavy duty motor mount on transom.
Dual axle galvanized trailer has new tires and new hydraulic brake actuator and brake lines.
All of the original boat drawings as well. Most of the work is nearly done on her and was a substantial amount.
Exterior hull, topsides and teak need polishing up and I have all the necessary products.
So much comes with Minka that I cannot list all of it here, the boxes will fill the interior.
Located in north central Florida near Lake City.

I would be open to offers and discussion in the $9000.00 range.
                                Call for more information.
I can be reached at 443 553 8365   or

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Recent exchange (Novenber 2015) about Minka ...

Andy: Kenny, How did you transport the mast ... since, like #1, Minka does not have bow or stern pulpits either. On my boat these are the devices that I place and fasten the mast to for transport. What did you do?

Kenny: I have neither bow nor stern pulpit on Minka, just like Howies number 1. I used a 2x4 and made a Y for the rear of the mast, laid the padded mast in the tabernacle.
Not shown in the picture I built a small saw horse for the front to balance everything out. Then I lashed everything firmly in place. Did not move at all in transit. I checked the lines for tightness every time I got fuel. I have attached a picture from the day I left AZ showing what I did with the mast.

Andy: Thanks Kenny, Makes sense and I was thinking along the same lines with the tabernacle taking some or most of the weight. Got another question: It looks like most of the weight of the boat is resting on the keel of the boat and not so much on the side "stabilizers". Would you say that is the case?
Also I think I notice that the tongue of the trailer is rather long ... is that the case and if so are you relying on an extension built-into the trailer? It seems like you are.
And is there an "eye" in the bow of Minka that the winch is fastened to pull her forward ... at least when floating or partially floating?

Kenny: Andy, Yes, the weight is entirely on the keel, stabilizers just balance the boat in place. I used two 3500 lb winch straps to hold the boat in place from bouncing around. Check frequently. I have an abnormally long tongue on my trailer, stock. It is somewhat adjustable but a pain to do. The eye on the bow is cabled to the v-notch on the trailer winch. I am leaving shortly for a weekend film shoot in Georgia. Back on Tuesday.  Happy to help.

story of how Kenny Hopkins became the new owner of Minka, Hull # 17

July 26, 2014

Hi Andy,
My  name is Kenny Hopkins, in Portal, AZ and I was sent a link to your Heritage 20 page from Barry Reitz in Sierra Vista, AZ. I am in the slow process of purchasing "MINKA" hull #17 from Barry. (making payments,  probably a year or so away) Great little ship that I compare favorably to the Pacific Seacraft "Flicka 20 " which I have owned in the past. I would like to be added to your mailing list please. MINKA has no power plant and I was wondering how well your Tohatsu 3.5 is doing for propulsion? Would you recommend a larger 6hp or possibly 10hp?
443 553 8365

Previous owner was Barry Rietz of Sierra Vista, AZ.


Additional photos and text related to Kenny Hopkin's "Minka" located in Sierra Vista, AZ will be added here as these become available

Previous owner of Minka was Barry Rietz