Photographs and text related to Glen
"Kamikaze" Heritage sailboat located in Portland, OR

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Received: October 12, 2014: 

Hello Andrew, I just discovered your Heritage site, enjoyed looking over the many boats/owners.  I have owned my Heritage since the early 80's.  My brother's grandfather in law had "Kamikaze" built in '76.  I've been sailing her since 1980.  His dream was to sail it to Hawaii from Portland, still might happen.  My boat is moored in the Columbia River here in Portland.  I grew up 21 miles away from Howie's home in Lake Oswego, Oregon.  It get's crazy attention wherever it goes, I've kept up the teak which has been a burden, also the spruce mast, it still looks pretty good.  It has a 9 HP, one cylinder Faryman diesel engine.  I don't know my hull number, I believe it is in the teens, I will have to look.   Glen.

additional photos and text related to Glen's Kamikaze Heritage will be added as soon as these become available.