Photographs and text related to Andy and Sue Davidhazy's

"Adria" Heritage sailboat located in Rochester, NY

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Adria left the waters of Lake Ontario on October 17, 2015 for her Winter hibernation in our back yard. The mast is stored in Sue's barn.


Here are some interior photos of the Adria - if one takes the floor out ans stands on the top of the keel there is a good deal of standing or head room.


Looking aft with floor in place                Looking down from hatch with floor out                     Looking foward with floor in

ADRIA acquires eco-friendly Torqeedo motor in July 2015

You can see a 25 second video of the motor installed on the Adria here:

The electirc motor is nice but marginal in terms of power - quiet, instant start and easy reverse ... good for getting in and out of port
but it is unnerving to see the power level diminishing with use. With gasoling outboard this is not an issue
as a gallon of gasoline will power the outboard for hours and hours even full throttle.

There is a 2 minute video of the Adria sailing in calm waters on Lake Ontario here:

as featured in the local newspaper!                                                                         and as printed in BoatUS!

               This is how she arrived to us from Seattle                        Her first haulout at Pultneyville Yach Club                                Sporting her red drifter in calm winds

The story of how this Heritage traveled to New York state.

In 2008 Andrew Davidhazy, son of Capt. Andrew Davidhazy who designed the Heritage in 1966 and traded the design for a hull with Howie Renner, while on a medical trip to Seattle, went to visit Steve Cassella on Bainbridge Island where he had stored a Heritage built in 1967. They spent a couple of very pleasant hours chatting about Steve's Martha. He had sailed her to Hawaii and back singlehanded. Andy was quite impressed and although interested in the boat he was not reallly ready to buy nor was Steve ready to sell. Steve had a sentimantal attachment to the boat that had been sitting in his yard for over 10 years ... since his Hawaii crossing.

However, a couple of years later Steve sent him a note offering the boat. Andy thought long and hard about it but finally told Steve he could not do it as the boat was in Seattle and he really did not know how to deal with such a sailboat in Rochester, NY more than 3000 miles away. But apparently Andy became quite depressed about his decision and Sue, his wife, one day soon after took matters into her own hands and called Steve asking if Martha was still available. He said: "yes". She said: "the check is in the mail" and then told Andy what she had done and it was then up to him to bring her east. And the rest is history so to speak.

The Adria (previously Martha) at the Pultneyville Yach Club on Lake Ontario moored and under sail with owner Andy Davidhazy, his wife Sue and dog Molly.




         Adria with 3.5 Tohatsu                                    and now with Torqeedo 1003 Travel         dinner out in July 2015

Additional photos and text related to Andy and Sue Davidhazy's Adria located in Rochester, NY will be added here as these become available