Photographs and text related to Andy Davidhazy's
"Heritage One"
sailboat located on Lake Travis in Austin, Texas

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The interior of this Heritage can be reviewed in the slide collection you can access by clicking on this photo below:

During the weekend of November 20, 2015 Howie Renner's Heritage, now under the care of Andy Davidhazy, was transported from Fort Myers, FL to Austin, TX. Andy said this about the experience:

Well, I'm glad that's over! Dad and I survived the big adventure of bringing my new sailboat home from Florida. The three day ordeal went reasonably smoothly until we got to Texas, which seemed determined to keep us out. We ran into a traffic accident near Beaumont which held us up on the freeway for 5 hours, and then after deciding to try to complete the drive late into the night, we ran into some pretty big storms. We had to pull over several times due to the torrent of rain and lightning, and our sleep deprivation. But we persevered and arrived back home in Austin at 5am. I had to make an unexpected visit to the doctor yesterday, so dad and Minka got the boat situated at her new marina on Lake Travis, and I then took dad to the airport this morning.

I was very happy to have my father's help and company for the trip. We managed not to kill each other, and made some decent progress talking through and solving several of the world's challenges. We also enjoyed the phone companionship of Sue, Minka and Christy (fellow Heritage owner), along the way.

October 8, 2015 - These are photographs of Howie Renner's #1 Heritage that was recently sold to Andy Davidhazy by the family.  The boat was in storage in Howie's shed in Fort Meyers, FL. More news about her to come as and if they are received.




additional photos and text related to this Heritage will be added as soon as these become available.