Photographs and text related to Michelle Anderson's
"Blackfin" located in Everett, WA

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Blackfin was recently acquired by Michelle Anderson and she sent this note and photos of her new acquisition and plans for the future with Blackfin.

Michelle Anderson

Tue, Dec 13, 6:11 PM
Hi Andrew, I'm Michelle, the new owner of Blackfin. I acquired her last month from Staton who put a lot of great work into her but has now moved on to other, much larger projects. Still very surprised to have found such a capable little boat with so many "large boat" qualities - I feel honored to have her!

She's got a little Yanmar 1GM10 in good health, new electronics, and a great set of sails. I'm in the process of slowly (and I mean slowly) scraping/sanding off the old worn antifoul and checking for any imperfections that may need fixing, of which she has very few. The interior is gutted and needs a bit of prep before rebuild, but the priority is getting her a new barrier coat and paints and into the water. Her future homeport will be Everett.

Feel free to reach out and connect - I'd love to hear from previous owners or other Heritage owners about the good and bad as I continue with renovations.

Best, Michelle Anderson

Christy Haase - Ahoy Blackfin! What a happy post, congratulations that is no small task. She looks great!


While setting up Blackfin's standing rigging, we realized that the chainplates are embedded in the fiberglass hull. I assume this is typical on all Heritages - I also have to assume that they are original, with no indication of being cut out and replaced.

Has anyone had any issues with them, or changed to a different setup? Like external chainplates, ect. Thanks in advance!Blackfin has finally returned to the sea! Still more deck work and rigging setup to do, but it's wonderful seeing her float and not having to scrape any more bottom paint for a while!

Andrew Davidhazy -  noticed that too - have not had any problems and don't anticipate any- Andy

Christy Haase - Chiming in too - I have not had any issues either. Michelle have you had a chance to read some of the articles written about the Heritages back in the day? Interesting and fun to learn about Howie Renener's building methods!

Michelle Anderson - I've parsed through what I've seen on Andy's site, but I'm open to any and all links if you have them

Andrew Davidhazy - Looking forward to seeing photographs of Blackfin under sail!

Andrew Davidhazy - Michelle, In case you missed them here are a couple of links to articles about Howie and the Heritages

Michelle Anderson - Andrew Davidhazy Thank you! Sailing pics are coming REAL soon, just a bit more setup!

Blackfin has finally returned to the sea! Still more deck work and rigging setup to do, but it's wonderful seeing her float and not having to scrape any more bottom paint for a while!


Stanton Apple bought Blackfin from the McNassars and then he sold Blackfin to Michelle Anderson. But for the record this is what he excaimed when he got her. See photo on right.

Hello, I have been meaning to get in touch with you! I purchased Blackfin early this year and am in the process of refitting her and getting her up to speed. Would love to get involved and keep the site going!


Staton Apple                                       
Tel: (206)-317-7778
Mobile: 206-641-5523

Casey and  Bridget McNassar who live in Carnation, WA. purchased Blackfin from Phil Williams and then sold to Stanton Apple

This bit of news from Phil Williams, of Port Townsed, WA arrived recently: Blackfin now has new owners:  Casey and  Bridget McNassar who live in Carnation, WA. It  was not easy to part with Blackfin,  but  we were happy to find  a wonderful couple who are  excellent sailors  and will  keep the  boat  in bristol  condition.

Casey and Bridget, WELCOME to the group. You better get used to getting a lot comments and compliments on your sailboat. It comes with the territory!!

Photographs and text related to Phil and Vera Williams'
"Blackfin" Heritage

       Blackfin on traveler hoist


          Blackfin entering Boathaven in Port Townsend                              Blackfin-sailing-to-Indian-Island                                                    Blackfin-and-Chetsamoka

         Blackfin bow                                                                Blackfin midship                                                         Blackfin stern